Creation of Hope

September-December 2008

September – December 2008


Twice yearly seasonal rains – if they come – provide brief over-abundant quantities of water while the rest of the time water is very scarce and hard to come by. People, mainly children and women, often spend hours each day carrying water for their basic needs. No building projects, and no permanent ongoing agriculture can be guaranteed without water. Ruth and Henry had a water retention tank that was leaking badly. It is beside the land that has been donated for the children’s residence. They donated this tower as well and it was repaired at a cost of $2813.00.

These repairs were done by local people, using local materials, thus employing and feeding these people and their children. This tank will ultimately provide the water for the children’s residence and its agricultural needs. In the meantime it is providing water to the community and in March the already donated land is being planted with vegetables which will be given to the orphaned children of the community.

The tank is very deep, dug into the ground, and holds 12,000 gallons of water.

An additional $100.00 was forwarded to the Exodus Children’s Residence to continue to expand their project to raise chickens.

Sponsors were secured for Mutuku, Faith and Kanini, and they were connected with their sponsor families.

The seven sponsored children and their extended families were given a ‘she’ goat that was of the right age to start being milked immediately. Total cost $280.00.