Creation of Hope

February 2009

A very desperate situation was identified by our people in Kikima. Two children, Sarah 14, and her younger brother Mwongela, 12, had become orphans. Their mother had died eight months before in child birth (along with the baby) and the father died five months ago. Most of the land that the family owed was sold off in small pieces to pay for the care of their father prior to his death. They had an older brother who lived in Nairobi and tried to provide some support, but there was very little that he could do. They were barely surviving, trying to go to school, had insufficient food, and their few meagre possessions were being stolen from their home and they were not even safe at night as strangers entered their home.

Sarah and Mwongela

We discussed alternatives and it was agreed by community leaders, tribal elders, their headmaster, and the children that they would go and live at the Exodus Children’s Home. Money, $500.00, was provided for initial start-up costs of having them join the home, receive medical treatment, and establish them in new schools (see the figures below). In addition an ongoing sponsorship of $60.00 per month for their care has been offered to Elijah. From the time they were first identified, to looking at solutions, meeting with community leaders and finally, their placement at Exodus, only three days passed.

Sarah (also known as Nzilani) and Mwongela with their new ‘brothers and sisters’ at their new home

Sarah required medical treatment for both malaria and anaemia. Both have settled in well, are reported as excellent students by their teachers and wanted us to know how happy and grateful they are.

Settling the children at Exodus
Cash received Number Unit Cost 31,043
1 5kg bags maize flour 7 301 910
2 Double decker bed (new) 1 6,500 6,500
3 Double decker bed (repair) 1 2,500 2,500
4 Blankets 2 420 840
5 Bed sheets 4 350 1,400
6 Shoes – pairs 2 500 1,000
7 Plastic chairs 2 520 1,040
8 Padlocks 2 130 260
9 Warm Jumpers 2 500 1,000
10 School bags 2 300 600
11 Books – various 1 1,000 1,000
12 Wooden boxes 2 950 1,900
13 Mattresses 2 2,150 4,300
14 shopping on 1st day 1 2,079 2,079
15 Mobilization from Kalawani to Machakos 1 5,560 5,560
Sub-Total 30,889
Balance Remaining 154

Costs of establishing them in their new home – these are in Kenyan Shillings – 31,043 Ksh is $500 Canadian

Kanini, Faith and Judah with their goats! As well they were provided with clothing and shoes for members of their families at a total cost of $70.00.