Creation of Hope

March Update

As noted in the previous update we have had incredible support from two schools in Whitehorse – Christ the King and Jack Hulland.  Below are pictures of the students who fund raised and the pictures which will go the walls of the new Whitehorse Dining Hall.  In addition those flags have been mailed to Kikima and will also be on display in the dining room.  Pictures will be taken with our children and the flags and will be then sent back to Whitehorse.

Jack Hulland E.S.

Christ the King

News from Alexander Graham Bell P.S.

One of our grade 7 classes was learning about child labour and Fair Trade products. They decided to sell “fair trade” chocolate bars in the school and raised $249.59 that they want to give to Creation of Hope. I have included a picture of two of the boys (Patrick and Jamin) who really were leaders in this venture.

On Friday we had a school dance. My Creation of Hope committee set up and ran a snack bar. They have also made money
(approx $240.00) that they wish to donate to Creation of Hope. There is also a picture of them.

The two cheques should be in the mail to you by the end of the week. Use them in the areas of greatest need.

Ray Lewis Elementary school student Council made a donation of $100.00.  They are one of our most dedicated schools and are doing ongoing fundraising efforts.

Glenn Marais – who generously donated time for the Literacy Day in February as also made a donation.  Thanks again, Glenn.

Saint Joan of Arc under the direction of Cristina Luongo made a donation of $100.00

Ongoing work

As with every month there is a large scale food distribution that takes place.  These occasions might be attended by 150 people – orphans and their grandparents, cousins, guardians – and each person who attends is fed a celebration meal, and then all sponsored children leave with their food packages.  There are approximately 250 orphans who are fed through the ongoing food distribution packages.

In addition to food there were wish lists given out including uniforms, tools, goats and in one case- a cow!

A cow for the Rolling Hills children funded by Kelly and Chris Betts

As a ‘going away’ gesture Andy and his mother Liz provided the funds so that the entire school could have lunch.  For many of these children this would have been the only full meal they would have eaten that day.  We are talking about doing this on a semi-regular basis.  To feed the entire school for a day would cost approximately $60.00

Construction of the Addition

Things continue to move forward in our most significant – and expensive – undertaking.

As seen coming down the ‘driveway’ to Ruth and Henry’s farm

This is the ‘latrine’ the toilet pit being dug and then built up to support the toilets

A view from the side showing the three levels – the roof is now being put on the very top to create the Whitehorse Room, offices and kitchen

Sponsors and granted wishlists

We are so pleased to note that we have five new sponsors this month including our first European sponsors, Iris and Anja , from Germany (sponsoring Rodah Mbithe).  That means we now have sponsors on three continents (North America, Africa and Europe)! Thank you Lucy Falcone (sponsoring Mary Kanini Kamene), Amy and Ryan Rumsby (sponsoring Musyoki Mueni), Cindy Sisti (sponsoring Ndunge Ngovi), Stephanie MacManus (sponsoring John Mbuvi Ndulu) and Richard Kiundi (sponsoring Raphael Mulatya Mwende).

New sponsors are always encouraged and you can see children needing to be sponsored by looking at that section on the website.

We also had three granted wishlists, two of them courtesy of Hannah Schenker and the last one due to Stephanie MacManus (Katungwa David). Thank you everyone!