Creation of Hope

November 2012 Update

School Donations

St. Joseph Catholic French Immersion in Bowmanville donated $254.00 to be used to purchase two support days; 12/12/12 and January 24, 2013, 4 chickens, 5 blankets and some farm tools and uniforms.  Thanks to Lynn Paquettte for leadership.

Bryan Beauchamp and Girls (Pink Team) of York River made a donation $28.00

Faith Mentors Group at St. Francis Xavier H.S. in Ottawa gave friendship bracelets to be passed on to our children in Kenya.  This group has previously raised funds to support our program and is involved in ongoing fundraising.  Thanks to Deb Campbell for her leadership.

Ecole Heather Park Elementary School in Prince George, B.C. made an incredible donation of $2270.15!  The school has done a wonderful job of not only involving the children in raising the funds but in asking them how they want the funds used.  Below is the ‘grocery’ list of exactly how they want their money to be spent.

In total they want 19 goats, 74 chickens, 8 sets of farm tools, 16 school uniforms, 384 saplings planted, 44 blankets, and 3 full days support for the orphanage.

Special thanks to Ms. Waterman, Mrs. Attree, Mrs. Saro, Mr. Edge, Mr. Parry, and Mr. Pineault.

Immaculata C.H.S. in Ottawa donated $200.00 which they raised by selling popcorn.  This money is going toward support for the Rolling Hills Residence for 4 days.  Special thanks to Darlene Charron for her support.

Individual donations

Barb Tilander made a donation to go toward high school tuition for the coming school year starting in January.

Deborah Kerbal made a Christmas donation.

Anita Davidson made a donation to go toward high school tuition.

Marie Campbell and Bruce Cooper made a donation toward high tuition.

Ann Marie made a donation to purchase a goat.  We’ve already communicated with her that we don’t buy goats at this time of year – the purchase price goes up around Christmas! – but we’ll buy that goat for a worthy orphan and get her the picture in the new year.

Emmanuel Baptist Church, under the leadership of Eric and Barb Ross, donated $400.00 to be used for high school tuition.

I presented in Las Vegas to the ALAN conference.  The participants spontaneously donated $144.00 which has been used to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 3 days.  Special thanks to Don Gallo for organizing this panel.

Water Projects

Progress continues on the Hope Springs project at the bottom of the mountain by our residence.  This project, build in partnership with the local community, and finances by Mr. Rumsby and his school, Glendale, is now finished and functioning.

Our newest well at the Rolling Hills Residence is fully functional, deep and providing plentiful quantities of clean water.  The well will be known as the Dawber Well in honor of the Dawber family!

Special Thanks

$50.00 provides support for the entire Rolling Hills Residence for a day – food, medical treatment, clothing, school supplies, the salaries of the night watchman, tutor and matron, and the electricity, water and sanitation for the entire building.


Christmas Wishes

Our sponsors are always incredibly generous and this generosity extends throughout the Christmas season.  On December 15 Ruth and Henry will be hosting a distribution day in which all of the children in the program will receive Christmas presents from their sponsors.  These presents will include new clothing, shoes, school supplies and toys.  As well, the regular food distribution and giving out of other supplies will also take place.

New Sponsors

Our two newest sponsors aren’t really new, but volunteers who are already involved in the project.

Lisa Farlow was the first person to go and volunteer for an extended period in Kikima and she also runs our website.  She is the new sponsor of Mutunga Mativo.

Chris McGinnis  came with us to Kenya this summer and will soon take on an administrative role in running the project is the new sponsor of Kelvin Muendo.

We are happy to welcome these two valuable supporters as sponsors as well!


We wish you all a very happy holiday season and health, harmony and happiness in the New Year!  Thank you for your interest and support in the Creation of Hope program.  We look forward to working with many of you in the coming year.