Creation of Hope

May and a bit of June, 2013

My wife Anita and I will be leaving for Kenya on June 23 so rather than doing a separate June update I’m expanding the May update to include a slice of June (so schools and individuals can see what we’re doing with their money).  The rest of June will be included in the Summer update to be posted in early September.

School Donations

Once again Lasalle Public School – under the leadership of Martha Martin – has made another generous donation of more than $2000.00!  This money is being used to pay for the tuition costs of our orphans.  While we have 24 orphans in high school this year we are projected to have closer to 40 students in the next school year!  This amount will help to pay for a number of these children – 4 or 5 depending on the level and cost of their tuition.


may13update (1)

Below are the pictures of thanks to McKinnon P.S. students.  Special thanks to Jaime Girard for leadership!

Ray Lewis Elementary School, under the leadership of Sandi Inglis, made another donation of $533.49.  These funds will be used for daily support of the program.

Rousseau E.S. made a very generous donation of $630.95!  They would like this money to be used to support the entire Rolling Hills Residence for 12 days with the additional $30.95 put toward the monthly food distribution to orphans in the community.

may13update (10)

may13update (12)

One day each month will be supported through the kind donation from students and staff of Father Michael Troy.  They will receive their thank you pictures throughout the year.  Special thanks to Erin Winch who not only arranged for me to visit this school, but was a leader in this fund raising effort.  They will support the 1st day of every month for a year.

Christ the King – under the leadership of Tanis

Subsequent to sending this picture we received the donation from Christ the King and it was more generous than we thought!  We will credit them with more support in the coming month.

may13update (15)

Sierra Simone provided the leadership at St. Faustina, and this money is going to be used to help pay for the food distribution for the month of June.  Over 2 tons of food, soap, cooking oil are given out to the orphans in the community who reside in extended family situations.

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High school in Maple donated $435.00

$155.00 from St. Joseph Catholic High School in Nepean – the major donors are St. Joseph Learning Commons and Chantel Allain.

A generous donation from Chute Late Elementary School provided for the children of Rolling Hills Residence for a major part of this coming summer!  Thank you for your generous support!

Students, teachers and administrators at Beaconsfield High School donated school supplies that will be included in our birthday party ‘loot bags’ to take place in July.  Every year we have a gigantic birthday party for the children that includes items of clothing, school supplies, toys, and some treats.  This year’s party will take place on July 13.

While presenting at W.J. Watson P.S. in Keswick I’d mentioned that we were still in need of ‘loot’ bags for the birthday party.  Two students, Kelsey and Adam, came back after lunch with more than 40 cloth and laminated bags.  Great thanks to these two students who didn’t just listen, but acted.

I was on tour at Barnhill Memorial School in St. John NB.  At the end of the presentation the school presented me with a donation of $742.84.

Individual Donations

At the end of a presentation at Barnhill Memorial School a young man, Jared, donated $20.00.  It is the moments like these that inspire me.  There are so many good, caring people in the world.  Thank you Jared.  Your donation will purchase 4 blankets for orphans.

One of our sponsors – Beth McLaughlin – orchestrated a generous extra donation this month through the company she works for – Fleet Business Comm Ltd.  We really appreciate the donation that will be put towards the purchase of a used vehicle for the Creation of Hope program and Rolling Hills Residence!  This fundraising effort towards the vehicle is ongoing!

Orca Book Publishing – one of my publishers – made a generous donation.  As well, the founder, President and co-owner, Bob Tyrell made a personal matching donation.  Great thanks to Orca, Bob and Andrew!

These two young ladies went on a personal fund raising quest.  Their generous donation supported the entire Rolling Hills Residence for 6 days and additional money was directed to our monthly food distribution!  Thank you Angelica and Abby!

A young girl, Maha, dug into her pocket at the end of a presentation and gave me all the money that she had.  This money will be used to plant 4 saplings.

Kimberley Morrison made a generous donation that is being used to support the entire Rolling Hills Residence for 1 week – plus an additional $25.00 which will go to supplement the monthly food distribution to the children in the community.

Josh Little made a personal donation to support The Rolling Hills Residence for one day!

Jake Sanchez made a personal donation to support the Rolling Hills Residence for one day!

Samuel getting a goat.

Kris works for the Medicine Hat Library System and after a presentation provided this donation.

I do love goats.  A goat means so much – changing the life of an orphan who receives it.

While presenting at Quinte S.S. three teachers made a donation to purchase a goat.  Thanks to Mr. Miller, Ms. Trulsen and Ms. Cooper.  You will receive pictures to show the orphan receiving ‘your’ goat!

Thank you Signs

Steve and Rosie Hilb are making a monthly donation to the program.

Colton’s donations purchased blankets for six children – here are pictures of two

These are signs of thank you for Mrs. K’s grade 1 class which did an incredibly job raising funds and being leaders at their school.


This donation was made in Sandi’s name to thank her for generous work she took undertook in the community.


Muthina receiving a parcel from her sponsor Barb

Naomi receiving a present from her sponsor Gisela.

Gifts from Melanie for her sponsored children

This cow was a present to Grace from my family

A parcel for Mwende from her sponsor Orleen

Jackson with his grandmother Grace – he is now sponsored by Cliff, Sandi and their son, Keaton.  This family will be visiting their sponsored child at the project in July.

Keaton also held a birthday party and instead of presents he asked for donations to The Creation of Hope and we provided signs of thanks to his guests.

From Anita Walters:

A number of donations that have been received recently came from individuals who had viewed my husband Eric online presenting a TEDx talk.  The talk starts about how Eric got into being a children’s writer but then continues on how this evolved into the Creation of Hope project.  Please have a look at Eric Walters presenting at TEDx (on youtube) and share the link with friends and family!  It is an inspirational address and helps to spread the word about the program.

Best wishes for a safe and happy summer to all our Creation of Hope supporters and friends!  We will be happy to share our news after the trip to Kikima!