Creation of Hope

April 2015 Update


Change to Kids Alive

We are very pleased to announce that Creation of Hope will be entering into a new support partnership with Kids Alive Canada!

With Africa Inland Mission’s decision to focus outreach in North Africa, the opportunity to explore a partnership with three separate Christian child-serving organizations was facilitated. After careful consideration, we welcome the opportunity to work with Kids Alive Canada. The head office is located in Cambridge Ontario and their newly hired Executive Director is Tim Brown. Tim previously was AIM’s staff liaison to Creation of Hope and is well acquainted with our program and operations, which will facilitate a smooth transition.

You may find more information about Kids Alive at

My Name is Blessing

Baraka is one of children in our program.  He is sponsored by our daughter Julia and her friend Megan.  Baraka was born with no fingers on one hand and only two complete fingers on the other.  He is the subject of one of my books – My Name is Blessing.  Baraka is Swahili for Blessing.  At a school visit I met a young man with missing fingers.  He asked for a picture to be taken and sent to Baraka.  Baraka was so thrilled that he asked that a picture of himself with that young man be sent back to him and that the original picture be framed.  This connection – from Canada to Kenya – has meant a great deal to Baraka.

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Remembering and Honoring Dad’s Legacy

Nearly a year and half ago on the afternoon of December 12, 2013 my father, Henry Mutinda Kyatha’s journey on earth came to a sudden end. Through the grief process and as our hearts have come to terms with this new reality I remember his kindness, gentleness, generosity, carefree laughter wisdom and strong work ethic. He had a deep love for God, family, friends and commitment to the wellbeing of his community and its children.

It was this genuine desire to care for those in need, especially children, that initiated a close partnership between my parents and international partners to address the disparity of orphaned children in Mbooni. Through this initiative these children would have access to safe housing, healthy food and support through local churches and schools, building their potential for a hope-filled life; a life where their dreams come true.

This meaningful and transformational work and much more, is part of the legacy my father left behind, and which must continue. As a strong believer in this work and to profile and raise funds to do more, on October 19, 2014, I participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon among approx. 25,000 others. Family, friends, colleagues and others gave generously to this cause, helping raise $1,035 CAD to paint the exterior of the Children’s Home (see photos as at April, 15)

While Dad cannot be here to share and take part, we have hope and draw strength from each other for the journey. It has not been and will not be easy, but it will be everything we dreamed, and more.

With heartfelt thanks to all the contributors toward honoring my father’s memory and continuing his legacy in this way.

– Mueni Udeozor


This money was used to paint the Rolling Hills Residence.  This paint will provide protection for fifteen years.


School Donations

Pope John Paul II School in Kenora made a donation of $200.00.  This donation is being used for two days of support for the program.

Hi Anita

I just sent you an e transfer for $75.00 from Morning Glory PS in York Region, Ontario. I am a teacher librarian and, at my school, I have a contest each year where the grade 3 to 6 classes all read four thought provoking picture books and vote on their favourite. My Name is Blessing was the winner this year and at our celebration assembly, I told the students that I would donate the library’s lost book fund money to The Creation of Hope. They were very excited about this. I would like you to use the money in any way you see fit. I would appreciate some sort of update about The Creation of Hope that I can share with the students so they will keep this cause in their thoughts.

Thank you,

Gail Treasure
Morning Glory PS

Cartwright Central Public School mad a donation of $118.00.  This donation was inspired after they read My Name is Blessing and the funds were raised by making and selling buttons.

St. Andrew’s in High Prairie Alberta donated $700.00 to pay for one week of support. They raised the money through the recycling of cans and bottles.



I recently presented at Parkinson Centennial Public School.  They made a donation of $927.75 which is going to be used for days of support and for the purchase of goats.

Tall Pines School is a private school in Brampton.  After presenting at their school they made a donation of $1000.00.  This money was directed to days of support for the Rolling Hills Residence.


The donation from Sainte-Famille went toward the April food distribution.

A donation from Rosary School in Manning Alberta for $130.00 was made.  They had a veggie crunch fund raiser where people ate veggies all day.

Individual Donations

Usha Mukhi $50.00

Natasha Dean – one day of support

Ellen Douglas – one day of support

Dina and Lindsey De Melo of Sutton Group Mississauga donated funds for 10 days of support

Lynne Pardell a day of support

Dan Gillmor a day of support

Erin King – $50.00

Students at Prairie River Junior High School

Shelby, Emma and Emily $36.00 and Adam and D.J. donated $25.00.  This money was used to subsidize the April distribution day (the thank you sign is below)

Elaine Deramo made a donation for a day of support in honour of her cousin-in-law’s, Natalie’s, birthday.

Josh and Maria made a donation for one day of support.

The following donation is from the U.S. and was inspired after reading My Name is Blessing


These donations were collected in lieu of presents by my 9 year-old daughter Vegas.  Please register them in her name.  Thank you!  Please accept our donations and thanks for the loving work you do.


Paige Kelso-Znak


Distribution Days

Every month we give out over 2.2. metric tons of food and supplies to the orphans we support in the community.  These items support not just these children but impoverished members of their family group.  Support from our sponsors pays for this distribution but every month we run a deficit because of the additional children who are fed through the process.  These donors helped to make up the deficit.

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Thank you signs

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Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for the Rolling Hills Residence for one day.  That’s food for all 55 children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of staff and the utilities for the building.

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Educational sponsors

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Mutisya and Benjamin are two of the three children who are provided educational sponsorship by Jimmy and Hannah Kim.


When sponsors send a present we try to always give them a thank you picture back with their child holding the items they sent or paid for.