Creation of Hope

October 2015



At the end of September we suffered the tragic loss of one of our children Mwongeli.  After a brief and sudden illness she passed on at the local hospital.  It was such a terrible loss for everybody including her grandparents and her sponsors, Katie and Sharon.  Pictured above is Mwongeli and Katie.  Katie had met Mwongeli and her grandparents on a trip to the program in August 2015.

A funeral took place in early October.  It was attended by the staff of Creation of Hope, all of the children from our program, the school, community members and of course, her grandparents.


The funeral was paid for by her sponsors and donors from both Canada and Kenya and older boys in our program were the pallbearers.  We will remember Mwongeli as a kind, caring, bright young girl.  Her life was cut far too short.

Evening school events for Secrets


To launch the new series of young adult books Secrets, the seven authors did six evening events – two with Simcoe County Board of Education, two with the York Board and single events with the Halton and Durham Boards.  At the end of the evening a ‘grannie basket’ was put out at the back of the room and people were asked to make a donation.  A total $984.78 was raised!

This money is being used to pay help pay for the November food distribution and for orphans and disadvantaged children in the community and for Christmas presents for our orphans.

Sales of Grannie Bags

One of our wonderful supporters, Barb Kettle, is a crafter.  When she goes to craft sales to sell her wonderful products she brings with her baskets made by the grannies of our orphans.  We purchase these baskets – helping to provide an income for the grannies – and resell them through Barb and other sponsors. Barb sold more than $300.00 worth of baskets which is going to be used for educational purposes.

I was in a school and a boy named Jamie approached me.  He had missing fingers – like Baraka – and wondered if I could send a picture of him with holding My Name is Blessing.  We took this picture and sent it back to Jaimie.  These boys have something so personal in common on different sides of the world.


Baraka and Jamie

On November 20th at 7:00 P.M. in Cambridge we are a launching my new picture book Today Is The Day. This picture book is about the annual birthday party celebration held for our orphans.   It will be a fun evening with music, a presentation and goodies.  If you would like to join us please contact me at for further details.

School donations

Roberta Bondar P.S. $295.57 three days of support (December 7, 8, 9)

Alexander Graham Bell made an incredible donation of $14119.87.  This was used for 3 days of support (December 10, 11, 12) and to help pay tuition for our children in high school and post-secondary.

St. John Kilimamock School donated $300 which was used for a day of support (December 19) and to support our overall program.

Individual Donations

Dylan and his mother Brenda donated money that was used to provide clothing for our children.

Two students at Woodlands, James and Angelina donated money to the program at the end of presentations.

Luc Voorn donated $100.00.  Luc was assigned a day of support.  He and his wife are also becoming one of our ongoing Educational Sponsors.

Kathy and Ian made a donation to the program.

Susan Lei, a student, made a donation of $20.00. This donation was used to purchase clothing.

Hoffman La Roche made a donation of in the amount of $100.00 which was used for a day of support.

Michelina Pennetta donated $300.00.  This money will be used for our November food distribution and Michelina will soon get pictures of thanks.

Elgin Mills Sheet Metal Supplies, owned by Joseph and Victoria made a donation of $1000.00 Janet and Hugh Crawford donated $150.00 to be used for education supplies.

Thank You Signs











Days of Support

$100.00 provides the funds to feed all the children of the Residence, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, cook, tutor, matron and caretaker, and the utilities for the entire building.








Educational Sponsors

We have 20 Standard 8 students presently taking their National Exams.  These exams determine whether they qualify to attend high school and the level of high school they can attend.  They will receive their marks in early January and will be offered invitation to attend a specific school by late January.  The higher level schools have a much higher tuition – as much as 6 times as much!  We are pairing the original sponsor with an Educational Sponsor to cover the difference between monthly sponsorship and the total costs for tuition fees.

So far we have 14 new Educational Sponsors.  We need 6 more!  If you or someone you know would like to be part of changing the life of an orphan while having the opportunity to have a genuine, ongoing connection please contact us at


As Christmas approaches we ask our sponsors to make a special donation of $35.00 to buy a Christmas presents for their child.  These presents always include clothing and some school supplies.  We thank the many sponsors who have been responsive to this request and encourage those who still might want to contribute. The celebration and the outfits are all a highlight of the Christmas season for our kids.


Eric is holding a new picture of his sponsor family, Kelly Betts and her two children.

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