Creation of Hope

November 2015


One of our sponsors, April, who is a midwife, has spent the month of November living on the grounds of our orphanage.  She has been working as a volunteer at the medical clinic in our community, learning from local health care providers, teaching them, and delivering babies. She has not only impacted on the ongoing manner of treatment but has been directly responsible for saving the lives of a number of newborns who would have perished without her intervention.  One of those babies has been named April!




She brought with her a suitcase filled with medical supplies provided by a wonderful organization called ‘Not Just Tourists’.  As well she brought other equipment, which among other things, was able to monitor the heart beats of babies to determine if they are in distress.  Some of these things – commonplace in our country – were completely lacking.  She has utilized this equipment and supplies to not only change practice but to save lives.

April has certainly not been ‘another tourist’ but a life changing, lifesaving volunteer in Kikima.


While visiting the school where our elementary students attend she found these two sisters who had basically no shoes – just the tops and no soles – and no uniforms.  She provided new shoes and clothing.



Alex has done a great deal of personal studying of various martial arts.  We arranged for a uniform to be donated from Ken Fukushima.  Alex was thrilled.


Book Launch

Many of my books are related to my time and experiences in Kenya.  Today Is The Day is the story of our birthday party.  Every year we hold a gigantic birthday party for all of our children.  It features loot bags, cake, balloons, party hats and presents.  The loot bags are a little bit different in that they often contain clothing and sometimes medicine.  The greatest gift for the newest residents is that we also arrange for them to receive a birth certificate.

This tradition started when we realized that many of the children entering our program did not know the day, month or sometimes the year of their birth.  Without a birthday you can’t get a birth certificate and without a birth certificate your existence is undocumented .  These are real children and we make sure by getting these birth certificates that their existence can never be denied again.

The party is a joyous celebration and includes a meal for everybody – including the elders and relatives in the community.  We never take guardianship from the elders and they are always part of not only the celebrations but also all the decision making processes.


The Book Launch took place on November 20th at the Cambridge Public Library.  This event was sponsored by Kids Alive – our partners – and co-organized by them, the Idea Exchange of the Cambridge Public Library, and Penguin/Random House/Tundra.  In addition to selling books, Eugenie Fernandes donated all of her brilliant illustrations to be auctioned.  Between the book sales and the sales of the art work we raised almost $3000.00.  All of this money is donated to the Creation of Hope through Kids Alive.  There were about 200 people in attendance and we wish to express great thanks to all who were there and contributed to making the event a successful event that benefited our children.



School donations

Brownridge P.S. under the direction of Victoria donated $1162.50

St. Mary’s school students simply pulled $99.10 out of their pockets to donate to the program.

Students and Staff at St. Raphael the Archangel; Marie, Jennifer, Quinn and gave $77.00.

Notre Dame C.S. donated $502.00

Individual Donations

Dylan a young girl gave $2.00

Karly gave $20.00

Heather and Steve paid for a meal for all our residents to celebrate the end of the school year.

Amelia gave $20.00

Michael – a student from Pickering High School $15.00

Melissa donated funds that will provide both a day of support plus $50.00 for food distribution in December.

Cathy made a donation for one day of support

Richard and Pat made a donation for one day of support

Benjamin – a student – gave $2.00

Thank you signs


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18 19

20 21

22 23

24 25

Food Distribution

Each month we give out up to 2.2 metric tonnes of food and supplies to the orphans and disadvantaged children in the community.  While much of this expense is paid for by our sponsors we always have a deficit because we provide for many ‘non-sponsored’ children.  These generous donors helped to make up the deficit.

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28 29

30 31

32 33


Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides support for the orphans in our Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day.  This is food for all the children, routine medical care, salaries of the driver, night watchman, tutor, cook, matron and caretaker, and the electricity, sanitation and water for the entire building.  Great thanks to these supporters.


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38 39

Educational Sponsors

We have received a number of new educational sponsors this month – to become involved with our 20 students who have written their Kenyan Admission Examinations to determine their high school placements starting in late January.  We will receive their scores and acceptance letters in early January.  Once we receive these we will match our students with their new educational sponsors.


Throughout the last 6 weeks our sponsors have been donating money to provide Christmas presents for their sponsored child and other children in the residence, community, or for siblings/cousins of our sponsored children.  Most often their Christmas presents include clothing and school supplies.  Thus far over $4000.00 has been donated and this money will spread Christmas joy throughout our community.  Our Christmas gathering is scheduled for December 18 and presents and greetings will be shared at that time.  I wish I could be there for this incredibly joyous occasion.  Pictures will be shared in our December update – which will be posted in early January of 2016.

Below are presents sent – or brought – by our sponsors and given out already to their sponsored child who will also receive a Christmas package at the gathering.

We wish all our sponsors, donors and supporters peace, love and family time during this Christmas Season. We thank you for your devoted and generous support!



April meeting – and spending the month – with her sponsored child Nzisa


Charles receiving gifts from his sponsor Margaret


And sharing them with his friends!


A present from Mary Anne for her sponsored child Teddy.




Presents for Mwende from Lynn and Orleen


For Mary from Anita and Eric


For David from Marc