Creation of Hope

February 2016


We are so pleased and proud that we have 19 new students entering high school this month!

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This includes 6 children entering into National level schools.  You can see the sense of pride and accomplishment on their faces.  Looking back I think about the ‘little’ children we started with – in ragged clothing, no shoes, malnourished, often ill, living on the streets or in terrible situations, and then look at these young men and women.  It is a testament to what happens when good people come together to try to make a difference.  You have, right here, in these pictures, the evidence of those differences.

We originally had 18 children of our children who were entering high school in February.  We became aware of a situation where the younger sibling of one of our sponsored children had qualified for National School but was unable to afford any school.  She was going to simply be left behind.  Through the generous donation of Mackinnon P.S. we were able to provide funds for the first semester and part of the second.  We now are seeking a sponsor to take on some of the ongoing costs.  This young lady, Rose, is the younger sister of Kitoo.  She has such amazing potential and we’re going to help her realize it.

As of this date we have 67 students in university, college, a trade school or in high school.

School Donations

Charles Best Middle School made a wonderful donation to our program.  Including money given by students and parents at the end of the night it came to $204.85!  This was organized by two very caring students – Siegal and Nino.

This will be used for two days of support and the remaining $4.85 for the next food distribution day.
We just received a wonderful donation of $260.00 raised by Park Avenue School by students who held a bake sale.  This money is being used for two days of support as well as two mattresses for the children and two blankets.

Guildwood Jr. P.S. donated $253.50.  This is directed to two days of support (March 13 and 14) and the rest for new mattresses.

Dr. Emily Stowe P.S. donated $280.00 which is directed to two days of support and 3 mattresses.  They raised the money through Candy Cane Grams

Individual Donations

Susanne donated $25.00 which will go toward food distribution.

At the end of a presentation a young girl, Ruby, at Westvale P.S. donated $5.00.  This will purchase a blanket and she will soon receive a thank you sign showing who got the blanket.

Rebekah made a wonderful donation $250.00 which is going to support two days (March 20 and 21) and for food distribution.

Thank you Signs

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Food distribution

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Days of Support

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Educational Sponsors

With our children qualifying for such high level school combined with our commitment to fund them throughout their academic careers we have developed a partnership of sponsor and educational sponsor for some children.  Below is a letter from one our sponsors, Chris, welcoming the educational sponsor for ‘their’ child.  I think it demonstrates the relationship we are hoping to foster.

Hi Danielle

Welcome aboard and I’m happy to know you are a member of “Team Kelvin”.  It is nice to know we are creating a support team with Kelvin’s best interests at heart. Perhaps someday we will meet too.

Thanks again for your support and interest in Kelvin’s future. 



And a personal thank you from Kelvin!

Below are some thank you signs from our children for their educational sponsors




A gigantic thank you to all our sponsors in Canada, the United States, England, Germany, and of course Kenya, who continue on a monthly basis to support with their donations, their letters, presents, thoughts and prayers.  None of this would be possible without you!