Creation of Hope

March 2016


We are pleased to share that Creation of Hope received a total of $1995.00 in memory of Stephanie McManus.  This is a significant way to acknowledge Stephanie’s caring involvement with Creation of Hope.  The funds will be used to provide days of support to the residence and to support the general operation of the program.  With warm thanks to the contributors.  Stephanie’s legacy lives on in the lives of these deserving orphans. 

School Donations

Agnes Macphail P.S. students in Mrs. Singh’s grade 1/grade 2 class and Ms. Chiu’s grade 1 class donated $308.85.  They raised the money by selling Valentine’s Day Candy grams.  They were going to use some of this money for a field trip but instead decided to donate it to Creation of Hope.  This money was used for days of support.

St. Augustine – Humboldt St. raised money and created this wonderful video – the link is below in their letter

Dear Mr. Walters,

After reading your book “My Name is Blessing” the grade 2s wanted to know how they could help.  As a class we decided to have a face painting booth, an ice tea stand and a garage sale.  Through our fundraising we were able to raise $230.oo for the Creation of Hope.

As a school we were doing an inquiry project about “How Can God Work Through Us?”  Here is the video we made during our project.  Your book inspired us to make this video.


Krystal Fischer
Grade 2 – St.Augustine School
Humboldt, SK

Westview in Hamilton under the direction of Erica Reid donated $125.00

Mckinnon P.S. raised $1100 with a movie buy out!  Thank you Lisa Rumble – who is also a sponsor in our program – for taking the lead.


Denlow P.S. raised $832.95.  This was used primarily for days of support.

Fairview P.S. donated $299.70 that we’ve put toward education.

Individual Donations
We just got a donation from our sponsor MaryAnne for $30.00 to celebrate the retirement of John Bernie a fellow teacher.

Mark is a teacher at P.L. Robertson and he donated $50.00 to buy a goat!

Erica, a teacher at Westview made a personal donation that is being used for a day of support.

All of these students donated money after a presentation.

Kyle gave a donation of $15.00 which was used for the March food distribution.

Jared donated $4.75 to be used for a blanket

Brienna gave $1.45

Madeline donated $4.35

Mikayla, Kennedy, Morgan and Izzy donated $6.40.

Emma – $5.00

Cassius $1.00

Paul $4.50

Katie $2.25

Natasja Israels donated money to be used for a day of support.

Anne Keddie donated money for a day of support

Linda Blom donated money for a day of support

Lianne Purinton – $30.00 to be used for monthly food distribution

Thank you signs

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17 16
14 13

Monthly Food distribution

Each month we give out up to 2.2. tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children in the community.  While much of this is funded by our sponsors we always have a deficit and additional donations allow us to provide more for more people.  Having been out on these distribution days I can personally tell you that the level of gratitude is amazing and these items of food and other materials are literally changing and saving lives.

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25 24

Days of Support

$100.00 provides for one day of support.  This provides the food for all the children of the Rolling Hills Residence, the salaries of the staff and the utilities of the building.

Listed below are the specific days – including one that I made a mistake on.  McKinnnon Public School was given credit for April 16 – 23 but forgot I had promised – well in advance that Breslau P.S. could have that date!  So we are getting a sign to designate the 23rd for Breslau and giving McKinnon the 24th of April as the alternate date.

My apologies for the mistake.  We make them and we try to fix them!

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Educational Sponsors, Sponsors and Support

We have both sponsors and educational sponsors who work in conjunction to support our children as well as funding their high school and postsecondary education.  These are some thank you signs that are taken and sent in gratitude. We appreciate the loyal support of so many.

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49 48
47 50


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