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June/July 2016 Update

June/July Update


Often when I start an update it is with a sense of mild anxiety.  Have I missed something? Will I do something wrong? Or simply, ‘this is going to take a long, long time to do’.  Always, a few minutes into writing my anxiety is replaced by joy and an understanding of what a blessing it is to be part of this process.

Below you will read about the achievements of our children, the generosity of our sponsors, schools and donors, and be inspired by what people are doing to make a difference in the world!

This has been a busy time for donations and events.  So here goes!

On October 28th at 6:30 in Guelph at the Calvary Baptist Church we will be holding a fundraising event for Creation of Hope.  This will feature a Kenyan inspired meal, a silent audition, a market of African themed books and crafts, the premier of a video about the project, and a short presentation about Creation of Hope.  For more information or for tickets please contact Katherine Martin at 519-831-4894 or email at

The documentary was filmed earlier this year when a film crew visited the program.  It will focus on specific children in the program, as well as the program in general, and features amazing film footage.

We are hoping to find businesses or individuals who would be willing to sponsor a table of 8 for a cost of $300 and a tax receipt.  The sponsor may invite guests or allow others in the community to attend as a guest.  Please consider whether you or someone you know would be willing to help out in this manner and contact Katherine Martin for more information or to sponsor a table.

We hope to see many of our supporters on October 28th for a very special evening.

Celebrations of  our Students’ Success

Mary was crowned Ms. Wate ITT (Institute of Trade and Technology)!

Ruth became the first female vice-president of Student Government at East African University!

Gloria – her pictures are at the bottom – and Anastasia have both gone off to college!

School Donations

St. Francis Xavier High School – under the leadership of Deborah Campbell – donated $420.00.  This money was directed to 4 days of support and food distribution.


You will see below that many of these specific requests have already been honored and the items given out to orphans and their extended family members.


The picture thanking Stride School for the three days of support is in the section below.


This donation was inspired by the book Today is The Day and it will be directed to support this year’s birthday gathering which is taking place on August 13!  The thank you pictures will be sent out to Mrs. Methot’s class at South Dorchester after the party and be included in our August/September update.

Beechy School, under the leadership of Rhonda Blenkiron made a donation of $200 which was directed to days of support – the thank you picture is in that section below.


Chris Hadfield Public School, under the direction of Lorin, made a further donation of $1,756.33.  This is being directed toward days of support, food distribution and education.  Some of the thank you signs have already been sent and are below.  Lorin and many other staff members have been loyal supporters of the project even as they changed schools.

Ray Lewis Elementary School made a further donation of $50.  A goat was purchased and the thank you sign is below.


Associated Hebrew Schools made another donation and this money is being applied to the birthday party on August 13 and the thank you pictures will be sent and included in our August/September update.

W.H Morden Public School made a donation of $1623.30.  This money is being directed to days of support, food distribution and to our general education funds.  With 69 students in high school/college/university and trade schools our greatest budget line is education.  Some of the thank you pictures have already been sent!
We just received two wonderful donations from Tiger Jeet Singh P.S.

One donation was raised by 6-1FI, 5-1FI, 5-2FI from proceeds of the café they held and raised $605.25.  That was used for 6 days of support – the days are August 31, September 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

A second donation was money raised in the book fair and was for $750.00.  This money was directed toward days of support, food distribution and education.

Immaculata High School under the leadership of Darlene Charron raised another $153.74.  This will be used for both a day of support in (October 9) and for a foot distribution month this summer.

Ecole Moody Middle School of the Arts donated $108.95.  This school in Port Moody is my favourite school name and Moody Middle School will be in an upcoming book . . . since I think all middle schools are filled with wonderful moody students.

Dugald School in the Sunrise School Division in Manitoba donated $278.90 which went for days of support and food distribution.


Individual donations

All of the individual sponsors listed below will have received or will receive a thank you picture to let them know exactly how we used their funds.  Many of those thank you signs are listed in sections below.

Kim Dawe donated to the program.

Anthony and Joan Kaufman made a donation that went toward two days of support and food distribution.  Joan is the sister of Fred Dawber, one of our most generous donors.  Both Fred and his daughter Kate have visited Kikima and both, along with a second daughter, Emily, are ongoing sponsors.  The well at our orphanage is the Dawber Well.

Maria donated for a day of support

Jason a student donated $5.00

Melissa donated $12.00

Suzanne donated $32.00

Kate – who you see is copied into all our thank you pictures – made a donation with the following requests:

Congratulations Wendat Village Grade 8s!

Thank you Lisa and Erin for a great school year!

All of these are all donations from students or teachers at Tiger Jeet Singh

  • Charlie .50 cents
  • Gitan $5.00
  • Logan $5.00
  • Tori $4.25
  • Irene $20.00
  • Olivia and Aleeza $7.70
  • Grace, Alexa, Wanja held a bake sale and raised $53.85
  • Derek $20.00
  • Nikki $30.00


Robbie, a teacher at Associated Hebrew Schools donated a day of support in honour of Irv Gurau – August 28

Ryerson P. S. students made the following donations

  • Taylor $20.00
  • Rehat $20.00


Nat and Dani held a lemonade and cookie stand and $321.00!  This money went for days of support and food distribution and the signs are below.

Stephanie Foster made a donation in honor of April Hoyt, their mid-wife, and one of our ongoing sponsors.


Thank you signs

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Food distribution

Each month we give out food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children in our community.  While much of this is funded by ongoing sponsorship we are always in a deficit position as we give out to siblings and extended family members who reside in the same family compound.  The donations we receive are often directed to paying for those extras.  Sometimes the donations are only a few dollars but each dollar goes toward direct service in the community.  On those months where we have more donations we simply give away more supplies and food.

June distribution

30 36 35 34 33 32 31 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

July distribution

 47 48 49

Days of Support

A day of support costs $100.00.  This provides food for all 66 children, the salaries of the staff of the residence (driver, night watchman, cook, matron, caretaker), and the utilities of the building.



50 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 58 59


60 61 62 63 64



65 66

Annastasia on her way to college!


Gloria at college with her new computer!

We have also added 5 new sponsors over the past two months.  These sponsors – and their sponsored children – are still with Creation of Hope but are being administered directly through Kids Alive.

Again, great thanks to all who are involved.  You need to know that your donations are making a difference in the lives of these children and young people.  It is with such a sense of pride that we see them moving forward, growing and becoming people who will contribute to the world!

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