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August/September Update


Happy Birthday!

One of the best, most amazing days of the year in Kikima happens every summer when we have our annual birthday party.  There is cake, balloons, loot bags, and a meal for all of the children and their guardians and extended family.

However the most significant ‘present’ for the new children is that we register them and they receive a birth certificate.

Many of the children who enter our program do not know their date of birth as they were abandoned so young.  Without a birth date you can’t get a birth certificate and without a birth certificate the government can pretend you don’t exist.




There is a sense of excitement, joy and gratitude that makes this a special occasion for everybody.  This party is told in my picture book Today Is The Day and every time somebody purchases the book Tundra Books makes a donation to support next year’s party.


On October 28th at 6:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church in Guelph we will be holding an event.  It will feature a Kenyan meal, silent action, a Kenyan market, and we will be screening a documentary that has been made about our program.  The evening is entitled Sustain the Journey and we are planning on using the funds raised to support the educational costs associated with the children going onward in high school and post-secondary education.  Anybody interested in attending – or making a donation – can make contact at

School donations

Waldorf Academy in Toronto made a donation of $288.00 which was used for 3 days of support – October 18, 19 and 20.

St. John Paul II Collegiate in OkotoksAlberta held a bake sale and raised $574.25.  This money is being used for five days of support – October 21 – 25 and for the October food distribution.

Individual Donations

After a presentation at Westglen school in Alberta students came forward and made donations.  You can see many of the thank you signs below as the money has already been spent and the items given out!

Elizabeth ($5)

Tyler ($5)

William ($25)

Sadie ($5)

Leia ($20)

Brooklyn ($20)

Cavendish Youth Group made a donation to purchase 2 goats and 10 chickens.

The Botting Family – their sons are Triston and Gideon – made a donation to purchase two chickens and additional funds were used for the October food distribution.  

Zoey, who lives in Milton, had a birthday and asked her guests to make a donation to the program.  They raised $150.00 which is being used for a day of support and for the October food distribution.  Great thanks to Zoey and her mother Sarah.

Pauline Brunet made a donation, including a birthday wish for her sister that provided for two days of support.

Sydney Fernandez made a donation that was used for the October food distribution.

Norah and Herman made a donation that provided for 5 days of support.

Steve Hilb mad another generous donation that will be directed to education costs for many students.

Matthew, Adrienne and their son Selby made a donation to purchase a goat, blankets and to contribute to the food distribution day.

One of our sponsors, Brigitte Geisler, held a dinner gathering.  She asked her guests to make a donation to the education of our orphans.  We wish to offer our thanks to Brigitte and her guests, Nancy, J.A., Mary, and Tamara for helping our children along their journey.

Thank You Signs











What an incredible donation of water containers that changes the daily lives of these orphans and their children.














Food Distribution

Every month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and the impoverished children in the community.  We have a set amount that is provided by our sponsors but this is supplemented by additional donations to both cover our deficit and to add additional supplies to the total










It’s not just food but also beds, uniforms and tools that go out during our monthly distribution.

Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides food for all of the children in the residence, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, matron, caretaker and cook, as well as the electricity, sanitation and water for the building.




Letter and presents for Alex from his educational sponsors Michelle and Mya.





Anastacia is sponsored by Nick and Jack.  She has begun her college training in tourism.  She is an amazing young lady who will go far!


And just to show how far she has come – here is the first picture taken when Nick and Jack told her that they were her sponsor – that she could go back to school again and she could become anything she wanted!  That promise is being kept right now.

Hello all,

I have just received some good news.  Doureen has been accepted into JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology) one of our public Universities!!!! Doureen has been accepted into Procurement & Supply Chain Management. We have two other CoH kids there as well and hopefully they will all watch out for each other and encourage one another as they pursue this next step in their lives.

Great work team, this is truly a validation of the program as mom has stated!!!

Kind regards,



Cindy who is Gloria’s sponsor, and her friend Libby donated money to purchase a computer for Gloria to go to pro-secondary school


April Crabb purchased a cow for the grandparents of her sponsored child.  This act of kindness will go a long way to transforming the lives of this entire family.  Along with milk they will breed the cow and either keep the offspring or sell to provide money to purchase other necessities of life.

We have two new sponsors!

Henry and Brenda are sponsoring Kanini

Don and Beverly are sponsoring Philip Mutunga

New sponsors are being administrated directly by Kids Alive.

Great thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters.  This journey is only possible through your generous contributions and caring.

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