Creation of Hope

October/November 2016 Update

October 1 – November 20 Update


New Additions!

We have ten new orphans who are being sponsored in Kenya by Kenyans.  This wonderful situation was initiated by the equally wonderful Wambua who lives in Nairobi. Wambua is a successful Kenyan IT Professional who is a nephew of Ruth.  He has brought together other kind, caring and like-minded Kenyans who are pooling their resources to provide for these children. This is another example of one of the great strengths of our program – Kenyans for Kenyans!


On October 28th we hosted an evening event for Creation of Hope and Kids Alive.  There were over two hundred people in attendance.  They enjoyed a Kenyan meal (which Kay said was like a taste of Kenya for her), there was a silent auction, a Kenyan market and we screened a new documentary about our program.  The link to this documentary is below.

The theme of the evening was ‘Sustain the Journey’ and we were trying to raise funds to help provide for those of our orphans moving through the school system.  We have made a commitment to them that we will support them at the highest level they qualify and to the completion of their education – regardless of age.  It is our hope that each will finish with a university or college degree or a trade.



The night was an incredible success in raising immediate funds – over $20,000 – and it establishing new sponsors who will help to pay the tuition of those 5 students entering high school in January.

Penguin Random House Donation

We receive a donation to the orphanage of $1.30 from Penguin Random House for each copy of Walking Home sold and an additional donation from each copy of Today is the Day.  Over the six month period from January to June of this year that resulted in a donation of $7,809.89!

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Great thanks to all the wonderful people at Penguin Random House.  These funds are going to be used for days of support, computers for our students going off to university in the coming year and tuition fees for high school and post-secondary students – we will soon have over 70 students in these settings.  Educational costs (tuition, books, transportation, school supplies) make up the largest item in our whole yearly budget.

School Donations

Michael Cranny E.S. made an incredible donation of $500.00.  This is being used to support the Rolling Hills Residence from December 4 – 8.  Great thanks!

I was just in a wonderful school in Arkansas called Midland High School.  At the end of the presentation a whole bunch of students – many of them on the football team – came up and donated money! This was $125.00 U.S. which is $169.00 Canadian.  This money was used for a day of support and the remaining $69.00 to supplement the November food distribution.

Below in the Days of support section you’ll see all of those students’ names in the thank you signs.

Arkansas students were certainly generous.  The students of Old High Middle School held a hat day and raised funds that provided for 2 days of support – December 2 and 3 – and a contribution to the December food distribution.  Thank you Carie for arranging all of this.

One of the longest donating, most generous schools in the history of our program is Fairview Public School in Mississauga.  They have again made a generous donation of $529.51.  Thank you signs to designate how we have spent the money will soon be sent.

Centennial Hylands in Shelburne made a donation of $300 to be used for goats.  The thank you signs for these six goats will be in the next update (I’ve already seen some of the pictures of the children and goats!)
Tall Pines School made a donation of $1000.00!  This was used for days of support from November 13 – 22.  Great thanks!


Individual Donations

Natalie has made a wonderful donation of $50.00 to be used for a goat.

Marya has made a donation of $200.00 which will be used in the following ways with the following thanks.

1 Goat – from Parker, Sydney, and Jordan

1 Goat – from Tilly, Hunter, and Elle

1 Chicken – from Oliver

1 Farm Tool Set – from Cole and Brock

1 Farm Tool Set – from Marya & Adam

4 Chickens – from Marya and Adam

Marya wrote – “Thank you again for your help. I’m hoping this goes over well this year. I would love to start it as a tradition each year.”


Julia and Carie donated funds that were used for both a day of support and for the November food distribution

At the end of a presentation a young girl at the Midland Public Library gave the librarian a donation of $2.00 for the orphanage.  Unfortunately she didn’t give a name and so there will be a sign denoting her contribution and this money was put toward the November food distribution.

Bonnie – who received that $2.00 donation also made a donation for a day of support which was assigned as November 29.

Nadejda made a donation which can be used for the November food distribution.

Ingrid made a donation for a day of support

A donation was made to purchase a goat for in the names of Alekasandar & Sarah
Paula has made a wonderful donation of $100.00 to fund a day of support for our orphanage!
Lisa made a wonderful donation of $50.00 for a goat.

Elizabeth made another donation from money she earned working for her grandmother!  This was used to purchase another blanket.

Thank you Signs

4 5 6 7


Food distribution

Every month we give out food, goats, chickens and other items to the orphans and impoverished children in the community.  While a large part of this expense is covered by the donations of our ongoing sponsors there is always a shortfall.  As well additional donations result in us being able to give out extra supplies.

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Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for one day of support – this is food for all the children of the residence, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, cook, tutor, matron and caretaker and the electricity, water and sanitation for the building.  Great thanks to the following supporters.

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Students from Midland High School in Arkansas made individual donations to fund this day plus money to be used for the next food distribution.


We have sponsors in Canada, The United States, Germany, England and Kenya.  We have many sponsors who send presents – and we make every effort to get them a picture of their child holding the present – as well as those who send funds.



Presents for Alex from Michelle and Mya


With Christmas approaching our sponsors have made very generous donations for Christmas presents.  These presents usually take the form of clothes, shoes, school supplies, books and some toys.  We also use addition funds to help provide presents for other children in the family components where many of them reside.  Pictures of these presents will be put into the January update.


Great thanks to all who are in involved in making the program so successful in helping the orphans of Kikima.

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