Creation of Hope

May-June 2017

May-June 2017 Update


Penguin/Random House donates $1.30 for each copy of Walking Home that is sold and makes an additional donation from copies sold of Today is the Day.  They have just made an additional donation of $2292.44.  This money was applied to days of support and placed in our general education fund.  Education remains our largest ‘line’ item in our budget and donations are always needed for this category to help our over 70 students in high school, college and university.

Employment Project

At times there is no choice but for some people – especially those most disadvantaged – to receive ongoing support.  The ideal is that ultimately people are given the means – through training or education, providing tools and seeds, or by building water projects – by which they are able to provide for themselves on an ongoing basis.

Through Hope Story we were given the funds to create employment opportunities in the region. With this funding and mandate, Ruth has initiated two very specific projects.

One project involves a workshop for ‘grannies’ in the community to be paid to produce crafts which are then sold into the Kenyan tourist markets.

The second project has just been started and involves creation of a number of small scale businesses that provide services for public and private events around the district.

Each group of individuals is set up as a company.  They are provided chairs and tents which they in turn rent out, and set up, for public and private events around the district.  The income from these rentals is then used to pay for the employees and to pay back the initial costs of the tents and chairs.




School Donations

We received incredible donations from schools across the country to support our orphans and the impoverished children of the Mbooni District.  Many of the thank you signs have already been sent and the pictures are shown in this update.

Credit View P.S. made a donation of $100.00.  This money was used to provide a day of support for August 3.


Holland Landing Public School made a donation of $300.00 which is being directed to two days of support – September 3 and 4 – and for the July food distribution.
Our Lady of the Snows in Alberta made a donation of $2705.55!  This money is directed to support the residence from September 18 – October 2 and for food distributions in July, August and September.  So many orphans and impoverished children in the region will benefit from the generosity of the children of this school.

Macgregor School in Manitoba made a donation of $150.00.  This donation was used for a day of support – July 25 – and for the July food distribution.

Glendale Public School – under the ongoing support of teacher and sponsor Melanie Noordhuis – made a donation that will provide days of support for the period of June 22 – 28 as well as to help pay for the July food distribution.

Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville made a donation of $350.00 which will be used for three days of support – September 15, 16, 17 – and for the July food distribution.

Helen Wilson Public School made a donation that provides for three days of support for July 22, 23 and 24.

Ecole Secondaire Catholique Saint-Frere-Andre made a donation of $520.00 This money was used for days of support – May 5 to 9 – and for the May food distribution.

Claremont Public School donated $173.35 which was used for the June food distribution.

Chris Hadfield Public School in Mississauga, under the direction of Lorin, made an incredible donation of $4611.59!  This amazing amount – the largest we received this year – is being used in the following ways:

Days of support July 3 – 21

Days of support September 5 – 14

20 mattresses being purchased or repaired for our residents.

Allocation of $500.00 toward ongoing educational costs.

The remaining $300.00 will be specifically directed – and thank you signs sent to show exactly where – for other items such as goats and chickens.

St. Faustina Catholic School in Mississauga made a donation of $449.80 which provides the following days of support – May 20, 21, 22 and 23 – and for the the June food distribution.

Ms. Rich and Ms. Stano’s grade 8 graduates from St. Peter Catholic School made a donation that provided a day of support for May 19 and for the May food distribution.

St. Cecilia Catholic School donated $700.00.  These funds were used in the following way:

Thank you St Cecilia parents Maria and Louie for supporting us May 14

Thank you St Cecilia room L03 for supporting us May 15, 16 and 17

Thank you St Cecilia room L03 for buying us 6 mattresses

A class, Ms. Rizzi’s Grade 7 class at Beckett Farm Public School made a donation to provide a day of support on May 18.

Dr. Emily Stowe Public School donated $464.03.  These funds were used to provide days of support May 10 – 13 and for the May food distribution.  This is the second year they have made a donation.

Vancouver College in British Columbia made a donation of $349.45.  This money was used to purchase 7 new mattresses for our children of the Rolling Hills Residence.

Goodfellow Public School made a donation of $85.05 which will go toward the July food distribution.

St. Mary Catholic School made a donation of $154.65 which is used to support June 30 and for the July food distribution.

Charles R. Beaudoin Public School made a donation of $200.00 which will be used for supporting our residence on October 3 and 4

Individual Donations

One of our successful young people, Teddy, is continuing in his college education.  He required a computer to fulfill his education.  His sponsor Mary Ann Watson paid for this computer.


Mrs. Hoover purchased a goat for her students in response to their outstanding positive behaviour.  Way to go class!

Janice O’Neil donated $50.00 to purchase a goat in honor of her nephew Owen.

Ms. Cooper made a donation that was applied to our June food distribution.

Lynne Wilson made a donation for a goat for Louise.

Ricky and Frankie sold angels and raised $126.00!


This money was applied to provide support for May 25 and for the June food distribution day.

After a presentation at St. Jerome Catholic School the following students came forward and made donations.  This money was used for food distribution and signs were sent to the students through their teachers.

Michael $5.00

Leonardo $5.00

Sophia $10.00

Sam and Irene $9.25

Stjepan $2.00

Cameron $30.00

Thank you signs


Food distribution

Days of Support



University student Ruth, with items purchased with money donated by her educational sponsor, Dr. Lisa Bentley.  In July Ruth will be graduating from university!  Dr. Bentley has indicated that she will then provide ongoing support for another orphan in need of educational support.  Ruth has also experienced ongoing support and has received gifts from her sponsor of many years Beth McLaughlin.  Thank you to both of Ruth’s sponsors!

While we have had 4 graduates from college – all of whom are now employed full time in their trades – Ruth is our first university graduate.  We will continue to assist and support her as she works in our residence until we help her in securing a full-time job in her profession.  We are very proud of this young lady!


One of most diligent students Faith recently graduated from teacher’s college and spent four months being employed working at our orphanage.  Faith had requested the opportunity to continue her education and was just accepted into the prestigious Kenyatta University.  She is being funded by the Kettle family for her ongoing educational needs.  Great thanks to Barb and her extended family for their ongoing support.


Purity has also been admitted to university and will be starting in the September semester. Our thanks to the Cochrane family and Christina Whelan Chabot for their support of Purity.


A present for Alex from his sponsors Michelle and Mya


Randy Oduor Syombua is our newest sponsored child.  His future is now secure.


Mueni Kalekye is one of our longstanding sponsored child.  Her extended family is now in a position to provide ongoing care and she has returned to her grandmother’s home – where she is still supported on an ongoing basis.  Here she is with her new backpack.

We have a new educational sponsor.  Andy and his wife Hilary will be the new educational sponsor of Charles.  Charles is the twin brother of Boniface, and they are featured in my book Hope Springs.  Andy got to know Charles when he spent two months as a volunteer in Kikima.  It is always wonderful when our orphans know their sponsors and in this case they know each other well!