Creation of Hope

September-October 2017


When you give water, you give life.


This is our newest water project.  Over 600 people have been provided with fresh drinking water because of the generosity of the children of Al-Hijra Academy.

We continue to work on additional projects.

100 Women Who Care Stouffville is a group of women who gather every 3 months to hear presentations from 3 different charitable organizations as nominated and presented by members of this group.  These nominated organizations range from local community outreach opportunities within the Stouffville area to far reaching organizations that serve communities around the world. At the end of the night, these 100 women vote to select the one organization they wish to direct their funds to. Each woman donates $100 with the aim of contributing $10,000 to support the needs of the chosen organization.

On October 18, Creation of Hope was nominated as one of these worthy causes, and was selected to receive the donation for the evening, directed specifically toward supporting the education of the children.  The response toward this great program was overwhelming, with many wanting to know more about the amazing work that takes place at Creation of Hope!

School Donations
Lasalle has been one of our most dedicated supporters.  They made another wonderful donation of $1000.00 to support the education of their children.

Elrose School made a donation of $250.00.  This was used for two days of support – October 21 and 22 – and for to help pay for the October food distribution.

Dinsmore Composite School made a donation that provided for six days of support – October 12 – 17 and helped to pay for the October food distribution.

Individual Donations
We received a very special donation from Ben and Melissa to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  Ben’s mother is Diana, the person to whom the wing of our residence is dedicated.  This money will provide 4 days of support (November 15 – 18) and help provide for the November food distribution.

Steve and Rosie made a donation that will provide support for our residence for November 5 – 14.

Erin made a wonderful donation to support the residence on November 4.

Melissa made a donation for a goat.

Lisa made a donation for a goat.

We also had donations from teacher librarians in Halton which will go toward the November food distribution.

Mary also made a donation to be put toward the November food distribution.
A young girl, Julia, decided to use her birthday party as a way to raise funds – how wonderful.  She raised enough money to purchase the following – and thank you signs will be sent as the items are given out.

1 Goat, 3 Chickens, 3 School Uniforms, 2 Blankets and 24 Saplings

Catherine made a donation to support the program on November 3

Karen and Jaime made a donation to purchase two goats and to support the program for nine days, October 23 – 31

Crystal made a donation which helped to fund the November food distribution.

Another donor made a donation which is being applied to the November food distribution.

Melanie made a donation which is also being applied to pay for the November food distribution.

Reta donated money that paid for the residence on October 20

Debra gave a donated that helped with the October food distribution.

Food Distribution


Days of Support




One of our newest sponsored child thanking her sponsor.