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Update November – December 2017



Over the past two years Alex Katuu has been attending Tae Kwon Do classes between his studies.  He has been very committed to this pursuit and has done well at every stage and acquired all the belts.  He recently competed at a tournament and acquired both a blue belt and a gold medal – which he is proudly wearing.  His marital arts uniform was provided by a generous sponsor.  Scouts at the tournament saw such potential in Alex that he has been selected to compete at the next level in Kilifi.  We are very proud of him! As well, we need to note that he is doing very well in his studies and will begin Form 3 in January.

Ride for Refuge


Under the leadership of Michael Morgenroth the Region Power team raised $2100 for Creation of Hope through the Hope Story Ride for Refuge.   This money is being used for days of support – February 8 – 21 and the January food distribution.  Great thanks!

Farm Project

We are putting together all the logistics to launch a new program.  It will involve renting land, dividing it into plots for needy grandparents to farm, providing tools, seeds and a water source, and then asking them to make a small donation of produce to the orphanage.  We have two schools that have already said they are willing to raise and donate funds to provide for this project.  I’ll keep you updated as it moves forward.

Donation from Penguin/Random House

Penguin Random House makes a donation to our orphans for every copy of the novel Walking Home that is sold.  In this reporting period that was $2468.13.  This money is being used for 24 days of support – November 19 – 30 and December 18 – 29 and the additional $68.13 will go toward the December food distribution.  What an incredible ongoing support this donation is offering to our program.  For 24 days the entire cost of our residence is provided by Penguin/Random House.

Individual Donations

Bob and Linda made a personal donation and one in honour of their friend Sharon Freeman that together support the residence for January 16 and 17.

Jennifer made a donation of $200.00 in honour of her in-laws, Karyn and Axel which will support the program on

Nathan donated $50.00 for the purchase of a goat.  He will soon receive a thank you sign.

Naomi made a donation that supported the residence on February 5.

Mark Earle made a donation to purchase a goat.  He will soon receive a thank you sign showing the goat and the child who will receive it.

Victoria and Joseph – through his company – have made a donation which will provide for the residence for ten days – January 6 – 15.

Steve and Rosie made a donation that supported the residence from January 18 – 27

Sophie made a donation that supported the residence on January 28

Ruth and Bill Morrow made a donation which supported our residence for December 3

Brenda and David Barry, Niamh and Ian supported the residence December 4

Ross and Sandy Morrow, Max, Hilary and Nicole supported the residence on December 5

Melissa and Andrew Dunan, Glynis and Brad Westoby supported our residence us December 6

Joyce just made a wonderful donation of $100.00 for our program.

Jesse made a $55.00 donation which was used for the November food distribution.

Sharon Freeman made an incredible donation honouring friends and family, in lieu of Christmas presents, which was directed to days of support for December 10 – 17.

Jaime Girard made a $200.00 donation that was used for the December food distribution and thank you signs were sent.

Mrs. Kelton made a donation to support our December food distribution

A young girl – Alyssa – donated $10.00 which is being used for the December food distribution.

Matthew, a student, dug into his pockets after a presentation and gave all that he had – $1.80.  This money will be used for the December food distribution.

There is probably nothing that impresses and inspires me more than when young people like Alyssa and Matthew have their hearts touched and donate.

Jonathan, a teacher at a school where I was presenting, made a donation to support the residence on December 7.

Kaitlyn made a donation to support our December food distribution

Louise made a donation to support the residence on February 3

School Donations

St. Finnan’s Catholic School made a donation to purchase the following items for orphans.

– 4 Saplings

– 1 Goat

– 1 Set of tools

– 2 Chickens

– 2 Blankets

Our Lady of The Annunciation C.S. donated $221.00 to be used for two days of support, January 29 and 30 and 3 chickens.

Immaculata Catholic School donated $500.00 that is to be used for sports equipment.

Stouffville Christian School made a donation of $550.00.  This money is being used for 5 days of support and for the December food distribution. Support December 30, 31, January 1,2,3

Thank You Pictures

Food Distribution



Days of Support





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