Creation of Hope

Additional Community Outreach

The Christena Gay Community Library

This is the only library in Kikima and the Mbooni region. This library employs a local librarian and provides books to anyone in the community with a library pass.

The shelves contain books in English, Kikamba and Swahili.  While some books have been brought from Canada, the majority of books are purchased in the community and within Kenya.

We are pleased to report that there is a large collection of books from Canadian Children’s writers!

School Supplies for local schools

Schools are often provided only the most basic of supplies, including paper, pencils, notebooks and text books.  The Creation of Hope has often stepped forward to offer additional supplies in schools where we have a sponsored child in attendance.

We were able to more than double text books available to children in this school

Sports facilities and equipment

Children have a right to play – although often they have neither the field nor the equipment.

This ‘stadium’ was made in honor of one of our dedicated sponsors, Kate, who spent two months teaching in the community.  We installed soccer nets, net ball posts and provided sports equipment

Donations to the library, school supplies and sports equipment are just some of the ways that Creation of Hope contributes to the community. Please see the “How to Donate – What Your Money Can Do” tab to find out more ways Creation of Hope helps within Kikima.