Creation of Hope

High School and Post Secondary Placement

Education costs are the single most expensive item in our budget.  Once a child has reached grade 9 (Form one), school tuition is no longer paid for by the Kenyan government. Form one is particularly expensive since each student must come to school with a starter ‘kit’ that includes blankets, mattress, wash basin, text books, school supplies, and a new uniform. Creation of Hope is supporting over 70 young Kenyans in high school, college, trade schools and university.

We have committed to supporting each child at the highest level they qualify and as long as their education takes.  Often our orphans were denied the ability to go to school for years prior to our involvement so it is not uncommon for our orphans to be much older in completing their studies.  We have young people in their early twenties who are now in college and university.  As long as they continue to move forward in their education we continue to support them.

We also now have our first five graduates.  We have a banker, teacher, electrician, auto mechanic and hair dresser who have completed their education and are successfully employed in the community and supporting themselves!

If you would like to help support our young students go to the “How to Donate – What Your Money Can Do” tab.