Creation of Hope

April 2015 Update


Change to Kids Alive

We are very pleased to announce that Creation of Hope will be entering into a new support partnership with Kids Alive Canada!

With Africa Inland Mission’s decision to focus outreach in North Africa, the opportunity to explore a partnership with three separate Christian child-serving organizations was facilitated. After careful consideration, we welcome the opportunity to work with Kids Alive Canada. The head office is located in Cambridge Ontario and their newly hired Executive Director is Tim Brown. Tim previously was AIM’s staff liaison to Creation of Hope and is well acquainted with our program and operations, which will facilitate a smooth transition.

You may find more information about Kids Alive at

My Name is Blessing

Baraka is one of children in our program.  He is sponsored by our daughter Julia and her friend Megan.  Baraka was born with no fingers on one hand and only two complete fingers on the other.  He is the subject of one of my books – My Name is Blessing.  Baraka is Swahili for Blessing.  At a school visit I met a young man with missing fingers.  He asked for a picture to be taken and sent to Baraka.  Baraka was so thrilled that he asked that a picture of himself with that young man be sent back to him and that the original picture be framed.  This connection – from Canada to Kenya – has meant a great deal to Baraka.

A1 A2


Remembering and Honoring Dad’s Legacy

Nearly a year and half ago on the afternoon of December 12, 2013 my father, Henry Mutinda Kyatha’s journey on earth came to a sudden end. Through the grief process and as our hearts have come to terms with this new reality I remember his kindness, gentleness, generosity, carefree laughter wisdom and strong work ethic. He had a deep love for God, family, friends and commitment to the wellbeing of his community and its children.

It was this genuine desire to care for those in need, especially children, that initiated a close partnership between my parents and international partners to address the disparity of orphaned children in Mbooni. Through this initiative these children would have access to safe housing, healthy food and support through local churches and schools, building their potential for a hope-filled life; a life where their dreams come true.

This meaningful and transformational work and much more, is part of the legacy my father left behind, and which must continue. As a strong believer in this work and to profile and raise funds to do more, on October 19, 2014, I participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon among approx. 25,000 others. Family, friends, colleagues and others gave generously to this cause, helping raise $1,035 CAD to paint the exterior of the Children’s Home (see photos as at April, 15)

While Dad cannot be here to share and take part, we have hope and draw strength from each other for the journey. It has not been and will not be easy, but it will be everything we dreamed, and more.

With heartfelt thanks to all the contributors toward honoring my father’s memory and continuing his legacy in this way.

– Mueni Udeozor


This money was used to paint the Rolling Hills Residence.  This paint will provide protection for fifteen years.


School Donations

Pope John Paul II School in Kenora made a donation of $200.00.  This donation is being used for two days of support for the program.

Hi Anita

I just sent you an e transfer for $75.00 from Morning Glory PS in York Region, Ontario. I am a teacher librarian and, at my school, I have a contest each year where the grade 3 to 6 classes all read four thought provoking picture books and vote on their favourite. My Name is Blessing was the winner this year and at our celebration assembly, I told the students that I would donate the library’s lost book fund money to The Creation of Hope. They were very excited about this. I would like you to use the money in any way you see fit. I would appreciate some sort of update about The Creation of Hope that I can share with the students so they will keep this cause in their thoughts.

Thank you,

Gail Treasure
Morning Glory PS

Cartwright Central Public School mad a donation of $118.00.  This donation was inspired after they read My Name is Blessing and the funds were raised by making and selling buttons.

St. Andrew’s in High Prairie Alberta donated $700.00 to pay for one week of support. They raised the money through the recycling of cans and bottles.



I recently presented at Parkinson Centennial Public School.  They made a donation of $927.75 which is going to be used for days of support and for the purchase of goats.

Tall Pines School is a private school in Brampton.  After presenting at their school they made a donation of $1000.00.  This money was directed to days of support for the Rolling Hills Residence.


The donation from Sainte-Famille went toward the April food distribution.

A donation from Rosary School in Manning Alberta for $130.00 was made.  They had a veggie crunch fund raiser where people ate veggies all day.

Individual Donations

Usha Mukhi $50.00

Natasha Dean – one day of support

Ellen Douglas – one day of support

Dina and Lindsey De Melo of Sutton Group Mississauga donated funds for 10 days of support

Lynne Pardell a day of support

Dan Gillmor a day of support

Erin King – $50.00

Students at Prairie River Junior High School

Shelby, Emma and Emily $36.00 and Adam and D.J. donated $25.00.  This money was used to subsidize the April distribution day (the thank you sign is below)

Elaine Deramo made a donation for a day of support in honour of her cousin-in-law’s, Natalie’s, birthday.

Josh and Maria made a donation for one day of support.

The following donation is from the U.S. and was inspired after reading My Name is Blessing


These donations were collected in lieu of presents by my 9 year-old daughter Vegas.  Please register them in her name.  Thank you!  Please accept our donations and thanks for the loving work you do.


Paige Kelso-Znak


Distribution Days

Every month we give out over 2.2. metric tons of food and supplies to the orphans we support in the community.  These items support not just these children but impoverished members of their family group.  Support from our sponsors pays for this distribution but every month we run a deficit because of the additional children who are fed through the process.  These donors helped to make up the deficit.

A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12

Thank you signs

A13 A13b A13c A14 A15 A15b A16


Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for the Rolling Hills Residence for one day.  That’s food for all 55 children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of staff and the utilities for the building.

A17 A18 A19 A20 A21 A22 A23 A24 A25 A26 A27 A28 A28b A28c

Educational sponsors

A29 A30

Mutisya and Benjamin are two of the three children who are provided educational sponsorship by Jimmy and Hannah Kim.


When sponsors send a present we try to always give them a thank you picture back with their child holding the items they sent or paid for.


March 2015 Update

School donations


Hello Anita,

We have completed our fund raising here at Lockview School in St. Catharines and between our gum chewing period and our cupcake sale we raised $594.21.  I’m assuming that I make the cheque out to Creation of Hope? Also, could you please send me an address that I can mail the cheque to. As always, it was good for our students to think of others less fortunate and raising the money for your charity was a character building exercise for many of them. We would love to hear what the money was used for and if possible, would love to see a picture of some of the children at the orphanage. Thanks for the work that you do, so that we can be a small part of it.

Judy Chappell

Lockview School

St. Catharines, ON

Lockview actually raised $601 – be used for 6 days of support!

Ray Underhill Public School raised $425.00 in a used book sale.  This was used to buy mattresses and a day of support

Dr. Cannon Public School raised $80.00.  This was used to purchase four mattresses.


Mackenzie Glen Public School raised $502.03 which was used for days of support.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau P.S.

Hi Eric, 

We’re just in the middle of preparing a $400 cheque for Creation of Hope. We just had some individuals and classes who made larger donations as a part of the $400. I was looking to see if it was possible if they could get recognized with a picture once the donation has arrived.

Bradley R. – 6M – $20 (school uniform)

Shane M . – $20 (school uniform)

Joshua N. – $25 (tools)

Mason C. -$10 (chicken)

Sandra M. – $10 (Chicken)

Makenna C. – $16 (school uniform)

Ms. Wight class – $100 (goat)

Mr. Dougall’s class – over $25 (tools)




King George Jr.P.S. $489.00 – we just got this check in the mail and will find out more of how it was raised. It will be used for 2 days of support and to help support the community food distribution.

Individual donations

Anthony Morris on behalf of Devy Giblert, donated money to purchase two goats to be named Shmir and Tony

Lorna Wunder donated funds for a day of support

Elaine donated money to provide for a day of support and additional items.

Roxanne Frey donated funds for one day of support.

Robin, a student at Vibank School donated for a day of support!

Mya, a student at Ladysmith Intermediate donated funds for a day of support

Janice Wolfmueller donated funds for a day of support

Nancy Wirtz donated money to be used for two mattresses

Jesse Ziegler donated money to be used to purchase two mattresses

Anita Davidson donated money – in honor of my wife’s birthday – to provide for 5 days of support

Kate, aged 8, gave $20.00 to purchase 2 chickens ‘for a family like Baraka’s’.

Ann Wadge, donated a day of support in memory of her mother, Helen.

Wade gave $5.00 to be used for a blanket

Students at St. Joseph the Worker in Richmond B.C. – Isaiah, Olivia, Nikka, Adrias and Stephanie donated funds totally $56.25

I was just going through my computer bag and found this donation from Colin that I lost!  Miss Boon can you please apologize to Colin for me.  Ruth can you please use his donation to plant 4 saplings and send a sign thanking Colin.  This will go in our March update.


Three or four times each year Kioko and the staff at AGSR staff come up from Nairobi to visit our orphanage.  They bring food, clothing and their friendship.  They are powerful Kenyan mentors for our children and offer them inspiration and role models to aspire to become!


Thank You Signs

M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19


From Makenna at P.E. Trudeau

M20A M20B M20C M20D

These pictures are for specific requests from Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Days of Support

A day of support costs $100.00.  This provides food for all 55 children in the Rolling Hills Residence, their routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of all the staff associated with the residence, and all the utilities.

M21 M22 M23 M24 M25 M26 M27 M28 M29 M30 M31

Educational sponsors

M36 M37 M38 M39 M40 M41 M42



We have 118 sponsors in Canada, Germany, England, the U.S. and of course Kenya.  Every time a sponsor sends a parcel to their child we try to send them a picture of the child holding everything that was in the parcel.


Syombua receiving a parcel from her sponsor Kathy


Faith from her sponsor Mavis


Mwikali holding the picture of her sponsors Erin and Emily


March 2014 Update

March update

I want to start by saying how hard our whole team in Kenya is working.  The death of Henry – our founding patron – has left a gigantic hole in the lives of all those who knew and loved him.  It has also left Ruth and the other staff with a huge increase in work.  Ruth remains the hardest working person I have ever known.  Despite the loss of her husband she has managed to channel her remarkable energy and expertise to make sure that all facets of the program continue to move forward.  She has told me she does this not only because of the children and families who rely on the program but also to honor the memory of her husband.

Ruth has dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate in her community and is fuelled in her efforts by her strong faith.  She is now also given power and energy by her desire to continue the legacy she and Henry began.  I know Henry is looking down on her, a smile on his face, occasionally shaking his head ever so slightly in amazement as we all continue in our work – his work.

Ruth has delegated more work to other staff members, brought on some additional staff, and has also increased her hours of work.  In the end though, no matter who is doing the work, Ruth is overseeing, supervising, directing and is ultimately in charge.  We are in good hands.

In some instances we are a little ‘slower’ in responding, but we continue with the same promises we have made – you will see where your money goes; it goes to where the needs are the greatest; and finally,  the orphans are being provided for.  Thanks to all of you for being part of this.

I also have to admit that sometime during this month I failed to ‘save my work’ and I had to redo some parts of this update.  Aside from the obvious frustration factor it means that I hope I haven’t missed anything as I recreated my work.  This is a terrible omission on the part of a writer and I’ll try not to repeat this mistake again!

Each Christmas our children receive new clothing.  Here are a couple of pictures just to make you smile.

In March we lost our family dog, Lola.  She was a wonderful dog and we will miss her.  At the end , there was an act of great kindness shown to us by her vets – Dr. Paul Walker and Dr. Matt Walker.  In their honor we are making a donation to AIM which will be used to provide daily support for our orphans.  In the coming month a thank you sign will be sent to show them how this donation was used.

School Donations

East Oxford Central Public School raised $430.50.  This donation was made to me at the end of a presentation and will be directed toward daily support.  The school will receive signs designating their days in the coming weeks.

Julie Payette P.S. held a basketball game and raised $90.45.  Perhaps this is the perfect combination of my love of basketball and commitment to the program.  I wish I could have been there to watch . . . maybe throw in a couple of shots. They will know in the coming month how their money was used.

Sir Isaac Brock Brampton, under the direction of Nicole Brodie, raised $738.43.  Nicole and her husband Trevor are sponsors in our program and have spent time in Kenya meeting their sponsored child and seeing the program in operation.

Solar lamps are one of the most requested and appreciated items that a child or family can receive.  None of the orphans being raised in community settings have electricity.  They rely on kerosene lamps and these produce noxious fumes and have an ongoing cost.  Forty dollars provides a solar lamp that will give ongoing, cost free light to allow homework to be completed, chores to be done and brings light where there was only darkness – a wonderful way to look at our the involvement of this school.  Eighteen lights will be bought with this donation and here are pictures of the first children receiving a lamp.

Lasalle P.S. under the direction of Martha Martin raised money to support Faith and Eric by paying for their high school tuitions.


Making bracelets5

Selling baked goods

Eric is still in high school while Faith has graduated with sufficiently high marks that she has qualified for university.  We are investigating university placements and determining where she will attend.  We are understandably proud of Faith – and the students of Lasalle for funding her dreams and hard work

There is also a donation coming from Pope John Paul II.  They had raised money and were going to give me a check when I was there this month but made a decision to keep fundraising instead!  I look forward to receiving the update in the coming weeks!


Individual Donations

Nathalie and her family made a donation which will be used to provide one day of support for the Rolling Hills Residence and to help with monthly food distribution

Our good friends Nancy and also Maureen and Brian made donations in honor of my wife Anita’s  birthday.  These gifts will be used to support the monthly food distribution

Ann Wadge  honored  her mother’s 99th birthday with a donation.  Happy birthday Helen!

Daily support

$75.00 provides for food for the 53 children of Rolling Hills Residence, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of our matron, tutor, cook, night watchman and caretaker, the electricity, sanitation and water for the building.  Below are the ‘parents’ of our children for those days.

Food Distribution

Monthly food distribution formerly happened with all the recepients coming to our residence. We made an adjustment – which saved money and time – by going out in a rented matatu (a bus) and giving out the distribution at a number of satellite locations.  Now with our new van we no longer need to hire the matatu and further savings have been made.  Georgetown Rotary club has donated money to put the fuel in the tank to allow this to happen this month …(and the next and maybe the next after that, will come from this donation)

Each month we have a ‘deficit’ in the funds necessary to provide for the monthly distribution – this is the difference between the money donated by sponsors and the actual money we spend.  The following people/schools/organizations helped us take care of this month’s costs:


Thank You Signs

This is the first of many, many goats that are going to be distributed thanks to an incredibly generous donation by Marilyn.  Over the next months you will see more and more thank you signs.


Here are some pictures of text books and school books purchased with the donation from Vaughan Willard P.S.  For children living in rural Kenya, there is almost nothing they appreciate more than school books and supplies.  Education is so ingrained in their culture and they realize that the road from poverty to prosperity goes directly through the school – a place barred to those who cannot afford it.



Our sponsors regularly send parcels, letters and money for birthday or Christmas celebrations.  We try to always show them their child holding the objects they have sent/funded.  Here are a sampling of pictures that were sent this month:

Mbula from April

Koki from Koko

Eric is so grateful for his soccer shoes.  Kids need to play and Eric is a wonderful soccer player – as well as basically the brightest student in his grade.

February 2014 Update

Welcome, once again, to our update section.  Every month we account for how money has been donated and how it’s been spent, with a sampling of the many ‘thank you’ signs that are sent out to our donors, sponsors and supporters.  This is my favourite part of the website, although I have to admit that I often feel a little ‘pushed’ spending hours compiling it.  Then, when it’s done I realize the collective good we are doing, the impact we are making, and what a blessing it is to be a part of it all!


St. Anthony C.S. in Brampton donated $100.00 which they raised by selling cookies. This money was used for daily support – there is a thank you picture in that section below in this update.

St. Eugene C.S. in Toronto – under the leadership of Principal Linda Alonzi – raised $500.00 from the valentine dance held at the school.  This money is to be used for daily support and mattresses.

Below is a letter from St. Marco C.S. in Woodbridge outlining how they raised money for our program.


There were also personal donations from Rosanna, Vince Franze, Concetta and Danny, Fernanda.  This money is being used for support days and for mattresses for the residence.

A letter from Mount Albert Public School

Good Morning Mr. Walters,

You were recently at our school to give a presentation for our Junior and Intermediate Grades.  During your presentation you had mentioned about your organization, Creation of Hope.

For the second year in a row we organized a “New-To-You” Book Sale for our students during Literacy Week.  Our goal was to make sure every student goes home with a ‘new’ book which are generously donated from our school community.  The students bring a quarter and any funds that we do receive are then given to a charity or organization outside the school.

We would like to give our proceeds to Creation of Hope this year.  There was a total of $263.14 raised by our students.  I’d also like to make an announcement to the students of where the money went.  If you are able to provide me with some idea of what this will help with, that would also be great.

We are going to use this money for daily support of the Rolling Hills Residence.

St. Isaac Brock in Brampton donated $738.43.  This money is being used to purchase solar lanterns for the orphans.  Special thanks to Nicole Brodie, a sponsor in the program and visitor to Kikima, for her leadership in this project. We will share photos as the lanterns are being distributed.

Individual Donations

Brigitte made a wonderful donation that is being used to purchase a sewing machine for the orphanage.  This will be used to repair and make clothing for the residence and to teach our children how to sew and make clothing.

Chris Stevenson made a donation which is being used to purchase 3 blankets for orphans.

Jewlianne shovelled snow at her aunt’s house to raise money which was contributed to her school donation.

Rotary Club of Georgetown

On February 15th Anita and I attended a Valentine’s Day Dance hosted by the Rotary Club of Georgetown.  They had previously donated $1500.00 for the purchase of our van.  At the dance they made an addition donation of $250.00 to ‘fill up’ the tank a few times.  As well there was a secondary ‘bonus’ auction held when Barry and Ave Eddington ‘won’ the raffle item they had donated which raised another $200.00.


That same night we sold 7 copies of My Name is Blessing for a profit of $70.00 and somebody donated another $10.00 – so this altogether totals $530.00.  This money is being used to provide 3 days of daily support and the remaining money will go into our ‘gas tank’ over the coming months.

Monthly Distribution

We give out food (and blankets, goats, lanterns, beds, tools) every month.  The vast majority of this comes from the donations of sponsors.  However there are always extra costs.  This is primarily because we are not just providing for our sponsored children but others in the family constellation.  We can’t simply provide food for that one child; we provide enough that it can ‘stretch’ to other children.  Many of these are cousins who are orphans but those who might have one parent or, in some cases, two.  In all cases, all the children are in need of additional support in these homes.  We use additional donations to support the additional food distribution.


Daily Support

$75.00 provides funds to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day.  That’s food for 52 children, routine medical care, school supplies, salaries for the matron, caretaker, tutor, night watchman and cook, and the electricity, water and sanitation for the entire building.  The following  are the days supported by these people/schools.


School Start up Kits

The start of Form 1 – Grade 9 – comes with additional costs.  As most schools are residential (the student lives at the school) they must bring with them many of life’s necessities. Think about how a first year university student must bring many things to equip their dorm room – although in this case it’s a dorm room without a mattress or bedding.  This cost can be almost as expensive as the first semester’s tuition and we have generous supporters who help pay this additional cost.

Thank you Pictures

These are a sampling of the pictures we send out to individuals and schools to not only show our thanks but to help provide accountability.


At present we have 117 sponsors.  They live in Canada, the United States, Germany, and significantly, in Kenya and  provide a monthly payment to help support ‘their’ child.

Over the last year we have ‘frozen’ our sponsorship program at this number.  This is simply an issue of logistics.  We run our program basically from our dining room table in Mississauga and a small desk in Kikima and we just don’t have any more ‘room’ on the table.  We have a number of people wishing to become sponsors who are on our waiting list and occasionally one sponsor leaves and that spot is filled from our waiting list.

We always try to provide sponsors with the same accountability we do to all people who make a donation.  This includes providing pictures to show letters, parcels, presents, parties and gatherings that they contributed to.  Most pictures go directly to the sponsors but we also like to provide a sampling of those below.  We have been most fortunate in that in all of the years of the program, only two parcels that were sent from abroad, did not arrive in Kikima.

Mwikali from Mavis

Mutua from Lorraine

Wanza from Jessica

Sarah from Lou-Anne

A present brought over for our sponsored child Mary

Christmas Clothing/Presents

As part of Christmas celebrations each of our children is given new clothing.  These outfits are not only welcomed but cherished by the children.

Because of Henry’s passing, the gifts were distributed later than usual.  We hope that all sponsors have received their photos; if you have not please let us know and we will look into it for you.  We thank the Creation of Hope team in Kenya who worked so hard to make this happen during such a difficult time.

Mutua from Teresa

Muthina from Barb

Theresia from Ken and Teresa

Yula from Judy

Baraka from Julia and Megan

Anastasia from Nick and Jack

Mutiwa and Angeline receiving their Christmas clothing from Melanie

January 2014 Update

New School

The children of grade school age who reside in our residence – Rolling Hills – have all attended the same school where Ruth and Henry’s children attended.  Over the years we have provided them with text books, school supplies, sports equipment, soccer and netball posts and constructed a library that is used by the school and community.  We had a longstanding partnership with the school.  However, sometimes partnerships need to be re-evaluated.

Many meetings were held between staff and school members as well as lengthy meeting involving the committee members in Kenya.  After much thought it was decided that it was time for a change to happen.

Starting this month – the new school year in Kenya – our children began to attend Mbooni County Primary School.  It is about the same distance – a walk of less than 2 kilometers – and in our small community many of our children already know – or are related – to children in the new school.

This school has a reputation as being very academically rigorous – the primary reason for the change.  We want our children – your children – given the best opportunities available.  Education is the key to their future success.  We have always committed to funding them for the best possible high school education and now we have extended that commitment ‘down’ through the first grade (Standard 1).

First Day of school

Ruth and Rev Phillip were in attendance as the children started and brought with them a new notebook and pen for every child in the school.  As always we hope to be an enriching part of this school and provide benefits to all the children in attendance.

You’ll recognize familiar faces wearing those new uniforms.  My wife says she isn’t so ‘fond’ of the brown colour but it certainly will wear well.  I wish I could have been there on that first day.  It’s now been six months since I’ve been in Kikima and I have to admit I’m feeling myself being called back more strongly with each day.

All of the supplies that were given to our ‘old’ school will remain there.  As well we will continue to maintain the Library – The Christena Gay Community Library – at the site of the old school.  Although, who knows what might evolve in the new school as well!

A Sad Passing

It’s with such great sadness that I must announce the death of one of the children in our program.  Faith contracted HIV at birth and has valiantly fought for her life.  She resided with her grandmother at the family homestead.  We provided her with monthly food distribution, blankets, beds, goats, uniforms and clothing, as well additional food supplements, retro-viral drugs, and the best medical care possible.  Despite all that she passed away after a brief sickness and hospitalization.  She is pictured below holding the picture of her two sponsors – Emily and Erin.  I contacted their mother, Marie, and she informed her daughters of this news.


Below is the announcement written by Kay.


Reading and writing this brings tears to my eyes.  I wish I could say that this will never happen again.  It will.  This year in Africa it is estimated that 1.5 million people will die of AIDS.  It’s so hard to understand that number because it’s so large.  I want you to think of it now as 1.5 million plus one who died.  Faith is the one.  She is not a number.  She was a little girl who I knew. She was loved.  She was no different than my daughters or yours.  She deserved better.  They all do.

We’ll all continue do our best and we appreciate the generous caring spirits of our sponsors and donors.

New website update

We have always operated a very basic website and have been so grateful to Lisa for all her work in establishing and maintaining and posting this.  Over the Christmas Break my wife, daughter Julia and I spent time to figure out how to update and reconfigure the website to reflect what we’re doing and to make it more ‘user friendly’.  It is now up and running because of Lisa and with assistance from another sponsor, Connor.  Of course you know this if you’re reading this update, but still, we needed to thank them!

Individual Donations

Martha Martin – Martha is the driving force behind the involvement of her school LaSalle P.S. in fundraising, but she also made a personal donation.  The money will be directed to Faith and Eric, two children whose education is supported by LaSalle.

Rachel – a student in Belle River gave a personal donation.  I am particularly touched when young people make that effort.  Great thanks to Rachel.

Jaime is a teacher at another one of our supportive schools – McKinnon P.S.  She made a donation to purchase the following things and asked that the donations be made in honor of the following people.  She will shortly receive the thank you pictures showing which child got which things.

Nathan – a chicken

Chelsea – a chicken

Sahanna – a blanket

Jorgie – a school uniform

My dear friend, Paul, and his partner Annie, donated money for a goat.  Paul is one of Canada’s most renowned film makers, and remarkably, even a better person.

Zoe – sponsor and aspiring writer – gave money for uniforms and saplings

Gunter and Tamara – friends from New Jersey – gave a generous donation.

Debbi Ritchie – great thanks for your donation.

Brooks McMillin –  this donation is from Carrollton TX!

Erica and Andris Rubenis – once again provided an incredibly generous donation.

Marcella is a teaching assistant and incredible photographer who – after watching a presentation made a donation.

In the coming weeks/months each of these people will receive a very personal thank you and see where their donation went.  In some cases the thank you picture has already been sent and is in this update as well!

Corporate Donations

Penguin Random House

One of my publishers provided an incredibly generous donation which has been applied to ongoing expenses in the program.  I love this picture!

East York-Scarborough Reading Association


It’s wonderful when an organization dedicated to literacy reaches around the world to provide literacy in Kenya.  This money is being directed very specifically to the purchase of books.


From Kelly from Hammond Bay

Great news.  The students in grade 6 were doing a global citizenship unit and decided to do a fund raiser as part of it.  They chose to do a bake sale and sell cookies at recess for two days.   They sold the cookies for 50 cents.  As you can tell to raise the 249.50 they had to bake and sell 500 cookies.  The interesting part is so there are only 6 grade 6 students in my split class.  Yep, more than 80 cookies each were baked the night before.  They were so enthusiastic too, running around the playground soliciting for the sale.  It was wonderful to see.  We also posted something at our school and hopefully will encourage others to give to this non-profit organization.
Thank you so much for the photos, the students loved being able to see who they were helping,
Kelly Payne

Vaughan Willard P.S. made a wonderful donation.  This was such a wonderful surprise given to me when I had the great fortune to present to these students.


This included $300.00 from Student Council plus and additional $60.00 plus another $140.00 for a total of $500.00!  What a great school!

Thank You Signs

These are signs of thanks given in response to donations made over the past months.  Some are for specific items while others directed by our staff on the ground.

Okay, this one just makes me smile.  Christina is my oldest daughter and Marc her husband.  When they were there this summer Michael asked – very politely – if there was any way he could have soccer shoes.  Michael is quite the young man.  Bright in school, a wonderful athlete, tri-lingual, a leader and a kid with such a playful sense of humor.  His wish came true, thanks to Christina and Marc!

These blankets were paid for by children who came up to me at two different presentations and simply dug into their pockets and gave me money for a blanket. How’s that for inspiring! Nothing warms my heart as much – although the blankets they donated will do more than warm hearts.  Practical, important gifts that will help these children lead better lives.

Chickens change lives.


We don’t usually give away a lot of goats over the Christmas season because the price goes up but we did pass out a few.

In presentations I tell people how much I love goats.  I guess what I really love is the way that a donation changes the life of the child who gets it.

Daily Support

$75.00 provides funds to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day.  That’s food for 52 children, routine medical care, school supplies, salaries for matron, caretaker, tutor, night watchman and cook, and the electricity, water and sanitation for the entire building.  These are the days supported by these people/schools.

Food Distribution

We give out food (and blankets, goats, lanterns, beds, tools) every month.  The vast majority of this comes from the donations of sponsors.  However there are always extra costs.  This is primarily because we are not just providing for our sponsored children but others in the family constellation.  We can’t simply provide food for that one child but try to provide enough that it can ‘stretch’ to other children.  Many of these are cousins who are orphans but those who might have one parent or, in some cases two.  In all cases all the children are in need of additional support in these homes.  We use addition donations to support the additional food distribution.


Our very generous sponsors often provide additional gifts for their sponsored child.  This could be mailed over or funds are donated.  Sometimes these are for special occasions such as  a birthday or Christmas but often just as an act of caring.

Chris from Jason

For Minoo from Emily

Jackson from Cliff and family

Rodah from Anja and Iris

For Faith from Michelle

Thanks for your attention and as always, the ongoing support that makes this all a reality!

Anita & Eric