Creation of Hope

May 2015 Update



There are constant expenses incurred to keep the residence building intact, to safeguard our children and to satisfy government safety requirements.  Most recently we repainted the building as well as putting in a new fire escape.

Schools Donations

St. Boniface Catholic School donated, under the leadership of Julie Starr, $160.00.  This is to be used for 1 day of support, 1 goat, 1 blanket

Kedron Public School donated $220.00 for goats and supporting food distribution

Robert Bondar P.S. donated $282.68  to be used for days of support



St. Faustina School donated $780.35.

Ray Lewis Elementary School under the leadership of Sandi Inglis raised and donated $800.00.

SouthFields Village P.S. in Caledon, donated $1000.00.  This was put toward days of support.

Ferndale Public School made the following donations from different divisions and these funds were used for days of support.

  • Ferndale Grade 8 Grads – $200.00
  • Ferndale 4 and 5 N – $100.00
  • Ferndale Class 7L – $300.00

Dear Eric and Anita Walters,

I am writing to you to inform you of a successful fundraising campaign that Buckingham Elementary School, Burnaby, British Columbia has embarked upon.

    We recently had you (Eric) come to our school to speak to our students about reading and writing, and to showcase your many books. We really enjoyed your dynamic presence, and you were an inspiration to us all.  In particular, we were really moved by your personal stories of your visits to Kenya and subsequently, your Creation of Hope Foundation. 

    Every second year, Buckingham students, staff and parents fundraise for a cause.  This year, our students voted to raise money to donate farm animals to those in need.  The staff decided your foundation would be where our fundraising efforts would go.  After a month long involvement in teaching our students about life in Africa versus life in Canada, sharing stories of kids making a difference (e.g. Hope Springs)…etc., and holding numerous fundraising events (e.g., coin drive and bake sales), we were able to raise over a thousand dollars!  We are thrilled to be able to support The Creation of Hope Foundation with all of its worthy causes. 

    Now that we have completed our campaign, we are wondering what would be the best way for us to send the money.  We would like the money to go mostly towards purchasing farm animals or food for the orphanage and/or families in need. 

    We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Dee Canderle (teacher) and Kurt Gurney (principal) – total $1136.87

Hi Eric,

You came to visit my school (St. Joseph Cobourg) last October and truly inspired me and my students. I brought 2 of them to see you and the other seven series authors at the Port Hope Library to see you after the book talks that night. I told you I wanted to challenge my students to read 7 books in 7 months and raise $700 for The Creation of Hope. Today is the day-May 7th-we have completed the challenge!

I am wondering if you can give me an address that we can send the donation cheque to. My students brought in $28 each, but some even brought in extra to help those in my class that couldn’t make the whole donation themselves. We met our goal of $700 this morning and I am very proud of the caring community I have in my class.

The students also LOVED reading the seven books! They had the choice of any of the 14 books from the first 7 and the sequels. The students loved the connection between the characters and were constantly talking about them. They also enjoyed reading about local places such as Brimacombe and Nathan Philips Square in the books.

Thank you for your inspiration this year. Many of the parents told me their children had barely completed 1 or 2 novels in a year prior to this and were so pleased to see their children so engaged in books at home at night. 1 boy who never liked to read before actually finished 7 books in 2 months! He got so hooked on these books that his mother was buying them for him to keep reading!


I am very proud of my students for completing this challenge and also for their generosity and honesty. 5 of them came in today with 1 or half of 1 book left to finish and went to the library at 8:20 to isolate themselves to finish the books! True perseverance and honesty!

Take care,

Lori Kendrick

Grade 7 teacher

St. Joseph Cobourg

This donation from St. Joseph was directed to days of support.

The letter below and donation are from Our Lady of Fatima C.S.

Hi Eric,

   In anticipation of your visit, teachers read “My Name is Blessing” and/or “Hope Springs” with their classes.  We then had a Literacy Day on Wednesday, May 6, the highlight of which was our “Camp Read-A-Lot.”  We transformed the gym into a forest campground (complete with trees, tents, fishing poles, a camp fire, sleeping bags, camping chairs, and forest ambient sounds). 


Guest readers from the community were invited to read a story around the ‘camp fire.’  These included firefighters, radio personalities, and Brooklyn Roebuck (17-year-old country singer and winner of YTV Canada’s: The Next Star).  I purchased and donated 120 books, and we made up 6 reading basket prizes (2 per division, and each with 20 books in them).  Students brought in $1 donations to purchase tickets to raffle off the baskets.  That’s where we raised the $604.20 for your charity.  (Where the $0.20 came from, I have no idea!) lol

The staff of St. Michael in Ridgetown donated $100.00 for a day of support of the residence.

The following letter is from Millwood P.S

Helping raise money for Creation of Hope was a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Your book about Baraka hit a chord with students, staff and families in our school community.

As a means of sharing Baraka’s story with all students (not just those participating in SilverBirch Express), Ms. Hartford, Millwood School’s amazing librarian presented your TED talk to classes.

This led to Ms. Hartford holding a meeting over lunch in late March to discuss ways the students could help the orphans. Over fifty kids showed up wanting to be involved with many ideas for raising money. 


The students decided on one event per week for the month of April with the goal of raising $500 to support the orphanage for a week. The kids signed up for various committees and they handled the announcements, made the posters, did all the baking, sold the freezes and coordinated the Silver Birch raffle and jelly bean jar count. After the second event we had surpassed our goal! You would have been so pleased to see the energy and excitement the students had raising money for Baraka’s orphanage. The entire school community was on board. In fact, our Eco Team held a white elephant sale and donated the funds to Creation of Hope! This along with our four events tripled the donation goal!!

 As a finale to all the hard work and success, Madame Betty held a yoga class with students to send good thoughts and energy to the Kenyan orphans. It was quite special.

 I’ve been a part of the Home and School for many years and have never seen such enthusiasm for a fundraising event. 

 Thank you for all your hard work creating and managing the Creation of Hope foundation.  Baraka and your organization will stay in the hearts and minds of our teachers, students and their families!

 All the best!! I will forward some pics from the events later this week!

Cheers for now, Lori

Holy Cross Elementary School raised $216.00

South Dorchester Public School donated $229.15.  They read My Name is Blessing and then sold candy grams for Easter.  Two days of support and part of a distribution day were supported through this donation.

Alexander von Humboldt Schule in Montreal donated $100.00 which paid for a day of support.

Fairview Public School – one of our long-term supports, raised $397.45.

Dorchester Public School donated $229.15.


The money from Cartwright Central was used as requested.

Brownridge P.S. donated $384.20


Cliff is not only a sponsor in our program but spent time in Kikima with his wife and son.  This donation went toward days of support.  Great thanks from Van Bien Elementary!

St. Gregory under the direction of Nancy Barone raised and donated $1150.00!  This was primarily put toward days of support.

Individual Donations

Emilie, a student came up after a presentation a donated $20.00

Theresa Caristena made a donation to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day and to help support the monthly food distribution day.

Simone Serra made a donation to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day and to help support the monthly food distribution day.

Rosalie made a donation which was used for 1 day of support to help fund the monthly food distribution. The following students are from Rosalie’s school and gave money. Scott, Ethan, Lizzy, Liam, Cas and Kas and Jeffrey.

Lissa Gougeon  made a donation.

Logan from Pope John Paul II in Kenora donated all that she had .35 cents!

Jonah Cantello, a grade 8 student, made a donation of $100.00 to support the program for one day.

Kim Kondo funded a day of support

Adam Pizzolon, who is 12, took money he received from his confirmation and donated to buy a goat for a family.

Anisha, a student at P.L. Robertson made a donation.

Hi Eric, as a gift for a naming ceremony for a family friends new daughter we are wanting to donate $16 for a school uniform for a child.  We would want the gift to be in her name “LILY MOLLY DEMILLE”.    

Also will you be able to provide a picture for Lily once the gift is given? Not sure if you do this all the time and it is such a nice way of saying thank you :). 

Lynne Wilson


Distribution Days

Every month we distribute over 2.2 metric tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children in the community.  Most of this cost is covered by our sponsors but there are many more children who are in need but not sponsored.  Additional donations help to fund these distribution days.

M8 M9 M10

M11 M12 M13


Thank You Signs

M16 M27 M17


M18 M19 M20


M15 M21

M22 M23

M24 M29

M31 M36

M30 M25 M26

M32 M33 M34


Days of Support

One hundred dollars provides support for the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day.  The following are schools or people and the day where they are the ‘parents’ of our program.

M36 M37

M38 M39

M40 M41

M42 M43 M44 M45

M46 M47

M48 M49

M50 M51

M52 M53

M54 M55


April 2015 Update


Change to Kids Alive

We are very pleased to announce that Creation of Hope will be entering into a new support partnership with Kids Alive Canada!

With Africa Inland Mission’s decision to focus outreach in North Africa, the opportunity to explore a partnership with three separate Christian child-serving organizations was facilitated. After careful consideration, we welcome the opportunity to work with Kids Alive Canada. The head office is located in Cambridge Ontario and their newly hired Executive Director is Tim Brown. Tim previously was AIM’s staff liaison to Creation of Hope and is well acquainted with our program and operations, which will facilitate a smooth transition.

You may find more information about Kids Alive at

My Name is Blessing

Baraka is one of children in our program.  He is sponsored by our daughter Julia and her friend Megan.  Baraka was born with no fingers on one hand and only two complete fingers on the other.  He is the subject of one of my books – My Name is Blessing.  Baraka is Swahili for Blessing.  At a school visit I met a young man with missing fingers.  He asked for a picture to be taken and sent to Baraka.  Baraka was so thrilled that he asked that a picture of himself with that young man be sent back to him and that the original picture be framed.  This connection – from Canada to Kenya – has meant a great deal to Baraka.

A1 A2


Remembering and Honoring Dad’s Legacy

Nearly a year and half ago on the afternoon of December 12, 2013 my father, Henry Mutinda Kyatha’s journey on earth came to a sudden end. Through the grief process and as our hearts have come to terms with this new reality I remember his kindness, gentleness, generosity, carefree laughter wisdom and strong work ethic. He had a deep love for God, family, friends and commitment to the wellbeing of his community and its children.

It was this genuine desire to care for those in need, especially children, that initiated a close partnership between my parents and international partners to address the disparity of orphaned children in Mbooni. Through this initiative these children would have access to safe housing, healthy food and support through local churches and schools, building their potential for a hope-filled life; a life where their dreams come true.

This meaningful and transformational work and much more, is part of the legacy my father left behind, and which must continue. As a strong believer in this work and to profile and raise funds to do more, on October 19, 2014, I participated in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon among approx. 25,000 others. Family, friends, colleagues and others gave generously to this cause, helping raise $1,035 CAD to paint the exterior of the Children’s Home (see photos as at April, 15)

While Dad cannot be here to share and take part, we have hope and draw strength from each other for the journey. It has not been and will not be easy, but it will be everything we dreamed, and more.

With heartfelt thanks to all the contributors toward honoring my father’s memory and continuing his legacy in this way.

– Mueni Udeozor


This money was used to paint the Rolling Hills Residence.  This paint will provide protection for fifteen years.


School Donations

Pope John Paul II School in Kenora made a donation of $200.00.  This donation is being used for two days of support for the program.

Hi Anita

I just sent you an e transfer for $75.00 from Morning Glory PS in York Region, Ontario. I am a teacher librarian and, at my school, I have a contest each year where the grade 3 to 6 classes all read four thought provoking picture books and vote on their favourite. My Name is Blessing was the winner this year and at our celebration assembly, I told the students that I would donate the library’s lost book fund money to The Creation of Hope. They were very excited about this. I would like you to use the money in any way you see fit. I would appreciate some sort of update about The Creation of Hope that I can share with the students so they will keep this cause in their thoughts.

Thank you,

Gail Treasure
Morning Glory PS

Cartwright Central Public School mad a donation of $118.00.  This donation was inspired after they read My Name is Blessing and the funds were raised by making and selling buttons.

St. Andrew’s in High Prairie Alberta donated $700.00 to pay for one week of support. They raised the money through the recycling of cans and bottles.



I recently presented at Parkinson Centennial Public School.  They made a donation of $927.75 which is going to be used for days of support and for the purchase of goats.

Tall Pines School is a private school in Brampton.  After presenting at their school they made a donation of $1000.00.  This money was directed to days of support for the Rolling Hills Residence.


The donation from Sainte-Famille went toward the April food distribution.

A donation from Rosary School in Manning Alberta for $130.00 was made.  They had a veggie crunch fund raiser where people ate veggies all day.

Individual Donations

Usha Mukhi $50.00

Natasha Dean – one day of support

Ellen Douglas – one day of support

Dina and Lindsey De Melo of Sutton Group Mississauga donated funds for 10 days of support

Lynne Pardell a day of support

Dan Gillmor a day of support

Erin King – $50.00

Students at Prairie River Junior High School

Shelby, Emma and Emily $36.00 and Adam and D.J. donated $25.00.  This money was used to subsidize the April distribution day (the thank you sign is below)

Elaine Deramo made a donation for a day of support in honour of her cousin-in-law’s, Natalie’s, birthday.

Josh and Maria made a donation for one day of support.

The following donation is from the U.S. and was inspired after reading My Name is Blessing


These donations were collected in lieu of presents by my 9 year-old daughter Vegas.  Please register them in her name.  Thank you!  Please accept our donations and thanks for the loving work you do.


Paige Kelso-Znak


Distribution Days

Every month we give out over 2.2. metric tons of food and supplies to the orphans we support in the community.  These items support not just these children but impoverished members of their family group.  Support from our sponsors pays for this distribution but every month we run a deficit because of the additional children who are fed through the process.  These donors helped to make up the deficit.

A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12

Thank you signs

A13 A13b A13c A14 A15 A15b A16


Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for the Rolling Hills Residence for one day.  That’s food for all 55 children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of staff and the utilities for the building.

A17 A18 A19 A20 A21 A22 A23 A24 A25 A26 A27 A28 A28b A28c

Educational sponsors

A29 A30

Mutisya and Benjamin are two of the three children who are provided educational sponsorship by Jimmy and Hannah Kim.


When sponsors send a present we try to always give them a thank you picture back with their child holding the items they sent or paid for.


March 2015 Update

School donations


Hello Anita,

We have completed our fund raising here at Lockview School in St. Catharines and between our gum chewing period and our cupcake sale we raised $594.21.  I’m assuming that I make the cheque out to Creation of Hope? Also, could you please send me an address that I can mail the cheque to. As always, it was good for our students to think of others less fortunate and raising the money for your charity was a character building exercise for many of them. We would love to hear what the money was used for and if possible, would love to see a picture of some of the children at the orphanage. Thanks for the work that you do, so that we can be a small part of it.

Judy Chappell

Lockview School

St. Catharines, ON

Lockview actually raised $601 – be used for 6 days of support!

Ray Underhill Public School raised $425.00 in a used book sale.  This was used to buy mattresses and a day of support

Dr. Cannon Public School raised $80.00.  This was used to purchase four mattresses.


Mackenzie Glen Public School raised $502.03 which was used for days of support.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau P.S.

Hi Eric, 

We’re just in the middle of preparing a $400 cheque for Creation of Hope. We just had some individuals and classes who made larger donations as a part of the $400. I was looking to see if it was possible if they could get recognized with a picture once the donation has arrived.

Bradley R. – 6M – $20 (school uniform)

Shane M . – $20 (school uniform)

Joshua N. – $25 (tools)

Mason C. -$10 (chicken)

Sandra M. – $10 (Chicken)

Makenna C. – $16 (school uniform)

Ms. Wight class – $100 (goat)

Mr. Dougall’s class – over $25 (tools)




King George Jr.P.S. $489.00 – we just got this check in the mail and will find out more of how it was raised. It will be used for 2 days of support and to help support the community food distribution.

Individual donations

Anthony Morris on behalf of Devy Giblert, donated money to purchase two goats to be named Shmir and Tony

Lorna Wunder donated funds for a day of support

Elaine donated money to provide for a day of support and additional items.

Roxanne Frey donated funds for one day of support.

Robin, a student at Vibank School donated for a day of support!

Mya, a student at Ladysmith Intermediate donated funds for a day of support

Janice Wolfmueller donated funds for a day of support

Nancy Wirtz donated money to be used for two mattresses

Jesse Ziegler donated money to be used to purchase two mattresses

Anita Davidson donated money – in honor of my wife’s birthday – to provide for 5 days of support

Kate, aged 8, gave $20.00 to purchase 2 chickens ‘for a family like Baraka’s’.

Ann Wadge, donated a day of support in memory of her mother, Helen.

Wade gave $5.00 to be used for a blanket

Students at St. Joseph the Worker in Richmond B.C. – Isaiah, Olivia, Nikka, Adrias and Stephanie donated funds totally $56.25

I was just going through my computer bag and found this donation from Colin that I lost!  Miss Boon can you please apologize to Colin for me.  Ruth can you please use his donation to plant 4 saplings and send a sign thanking Colin.  This will go in our March update.


Three or four times each year Kioko and the staff at AGSR staff come up from Nairobi to visit our orphanage.  They bring food, clothing and their friendship.  They are powerful Kenyan mentors for our children and offer them inspiration and role models to aspire to become!


Thank You Signs

M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19


From Makenna at P.E. Trudeau

M20A M20B M20C M20D

These pictures are for specific requests from Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Days of Support

A day of support costs $100.00.  This provides food for all 55 children in the Rolling Hills Residence, their routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of all the staff associated with the residence, and all the utilities.

M21 M22 M23 M24 M25 M26 M27 M28 M29 M30 M31

Educational sponsors

M36 M37 M38 M39 M40 M41 M42



We have 118 sponsors in Canada, Germany, England, the U.S. and of course Kenya.  Every time a sponsor sends a parcel to their child we try to send them a picture of the child holding everything that was in the parcel.


Syombua receiving a parcel from her sponsor Kathy


Faith from her sponsor Mavis


Mwikali holding the picture of her sponsors Erin and Emily


February 2015 Update



Our vehicle has recently been ‘branded’ as the program name has been placed on the van.  The van is used for driving the children, getting supplies for the orphanage and distributing food and supplies on distribution dates to orphans in the community.  In addition we have ‘rented’ the vehicle out on occasion (along with our driver) and this has been an income source for the orphanage.


The trees you see bordering the yard of the Mbooni AIC Secondary School were planted because of a donation by Lisa Farlow – one of our sponsors – who also spent three months volunteering at the school.  They have grown from little saplings to become what Ruth calls ‘Lisa’s Forest’.


This is our friend and fellow children’s writer Margriet Ruurs from Salt Spring Island BC along with Ruth.  The picture was taken when Margriet and her friend Rosemary visited the program for a night recently in February.  They brought bags of clothes and supplies for our kids and had a lovely visit at Hope.

For the past 2 years we have been attempting to purchase a piece of land adjacent to our orphanage to use as a play area for the children.  We have the funds available – kindly raised by a school and held in our accounts – but have been unable to complete the purchase.  Land is a very emotional and psychological issue in Kenya.  People have often been on that same piece of land not just for generations but for literally thousands of years so possessing, and sales, become more problematic.

We have been given an ‘offer’ to purchase the land at more than three times what the property is worth.  Sometimes people in the community feel that they can request prices that are far above community standards as they see ‘outside’ money.  We have made a point of not paying above community standards because this can produce a series of escalating prices for other items.  If we pay more for the land than it is worth, other people selling other things to us – food, mattresses, goats – will attempt to charge us more.

While we continue to pursue this, the matter might be resolved potentially in the summer when I’m able to attend and try to negotiate in person.  We will keep you up to date as this issue continues to evolve.

School Donations

February 23, 2015

Dear Eric Walters,

We are Ms. Handa’s Grade 4 class from Carruthers Creek P.S. in Ajax.  We were inspired by your book, My Name is Blessing, so we decided to put kindness into action. 

On February 18th, we held our Kind Kids Care Bake Sale to raise money for your Creation of Hope foundation.  We were hoping to raise $50 to purchase a goat BUT instead we raised $384.95!!!

We would like to donate this money to your foundation.  Perhaps you could purchase a goat, or anything else that is needed, for the orphanages in Kenya.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for writing such wonderful books that inspire us!


Ms. Handa’s Grade 4 class (aka – Kind Kids who Care 😉

This donation from Ms. Handa’s class is being used to support the Rolling Hills Residence for 4 days.


St. Jean De Brebeuf donated $170.10 to be used for a day of support and to help subsidize the food distribution.

St. Jean De Brebeuf

One of our Kindergarten teachers, conducted a program call “Don’t Count the Day’s Make the Day’s Count”. All the students from grade JK-8 recorded their kind deeds for 20 consecutive days in the month of December.  These were recorded on a calendar provided to each student.  The primary students could use pictures and or words to communicate their kind deed while the older students were given the opportunity to reflect and record their kind deeds. Upon completion of the calendar, the students were encouraged to push their kind deeds even further and donate 10 cents to Creation of Hope for each written kind deed.  This worked out to be a total donation of $2.00 per child. The children were aware of where their money was going and the many children it would help.

Laura Cupello principal

This money was used to provide for one day of support for the Rolling Hills Residence and to supplement the food distribution day

St. Mary Choir School donated $20.00 to be used for 2 blankets

Individual Donations

Susan Woodruff donated money to provide for one day of support for the program.

Greg and Karen Tyrala donated for one day of support.

Connor a student at Black River P.S. donated $50.00

Joanne a teacher at St. Francis C.S. in London made a donation for one day of support

Jacob a student at St. Mary’s Choir School donated for a blanket

Luke, Sarah and Rachel at St. Mary’s gave $5.00 each.

Billy a student at Stoneybrook gave $12.00 to be used for a uniform.

Marian Bakker donated money to be used for  two days of support

Thank you Signs










Days of Support

A $100 donation provides for food for all 55 children, their routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, tutor, cook, matron and caretaker, the electricity, sanitation and water for the entire building.






Distribution Days

Every month we distribute food and supplies to the orphans in the community.  While the majority of this is funded by our sponsors there is always a deficiency and this was offset by a donation from St. Jean De Brebeuf.


Educational Sponsors

Many programs support a child until they turn 18, graduate high school or leave school.  We feel that in many cases this is like pushing a car half way up the hill.  It simply rolls back down.  We have made a commitment to provide education for each child in our program, regardless of age.  We are hopeful that each orphan will ultimately possess either a university or college degree or a specific trade.

Our children have continued to do exceptionally well and have qualified for more academically challenging high school placements and post-secondary placements.  We now have 55 children – 2 in university and 2 in community college – and 7 awaiting post-secondary placements.  The cost of education has in many cases exceeded the funds donated by sponsors.  We never have expected that sponsors increase their monthly donations to cover these costs.  Instead we have decided that sometimes ‘it takes a village’ and we have also involved an educational sponsor to help pay for some of the cost.

February is the start of the school year.  Below are some of the students, supported by either regular sponsor and an educational sponsor together or completely by their regular sponsor.


Marina is helping to fund her education along with her regular sponsor Gisela


Gail is an educational sponsor helping to support Gloria’s education along with her regular sponsor Cindy Sisti


This is Wanza heading off to school – each child starting school in Grade 9 needs to bring with them a ‘start up’ kit to the school.  Wanza, who qualified to go to a national school, is supported in her education by her ongoing sponsors Jessica and Chris Patrick and her educational sponsors Susan and Doug Roberts.


Another one of your students, sponsored by Fred, going off to a National school.  Quite the accomplishment – something that wouldn’t be possible without the support of Fred.


Michael is supported by his sponsor Dale Clark and his educational sponsor Lindsay Farlow.


Barb and Cam Miller are supporting Mutinda as he goes to a technical college to train to be a mechanic.


Mary’s sponsor is Lucy Falcone. They met in 2012.  Geri and Don Moroney are helping to support the costs of Mary’s school this year.


Nzisa is supported by Wanjiku Njorge and this semester St. Mildred Lightbourne students helped to support Nzisa’s tuition costs.


This is Joseph Mutuku headed off to Form 1 with his start up kit.  His sponsor is Jason Laking and extra costs were covered in memory of Mrs. Kay.


Jackson is heading off to Form 1 as well.  He met his sponsors the Halls when they visited in 2013.




Marc Stevens is the sponsor for Mwendwa David and Stephanie Macmanus for John.  Stephanie and her children met John in a visit in 2012.


Emmanuel Baptist church is helping to pay the educational costs for Kelvin who is supported on an ongoing basis by Sandi and Brett Hall


Our sponsors often send parcels to their child.  We try to show them a picture of the child holding the objects when they are received.  Here are some of those pictures.




Muthina receiving a parcel from her sponsor Barb.  Barb visited with Muthina at her home in 2012.

January 2015 Update


This has been an exciting month when our students graduating from Grade 8 start to receive notice as to which schools they have been accepted into.  We are very proud to announce that two of our students, Wanza and Wayua have been admitted to Mbooni Girls School – a National School!   This is an incredible accomplishment to be admitted to the highest level of high school in Kenya.  We have six more students awaiting placement news.

Schools Donations


This donation from A. Vito Martinez is being used to provide two days of support for the Rolling Hills Residence – see picture below

Oneida Public School donation

I’m happy to share some good news about our students here at Oneida. They took on the challenge of raising enough money to support the orphanage in Kenya for a week, and actually went over their goal.  Our secretary is working on the final numbers since classes did a range of activities to earn the money.

We had a class that offered a “ Buy and Sell” during both recesses on a day in December, by bringing in some of their gently used items and selling them .

We had another class organize, cook and sell hot dogs for a special lunch here at school.

We had two “buddy” classes organize the selling of “Candygrams” one week in December, distributing candy canes with personal messages at the end of the week.

We had another class who did “random acts of kindness” for the month of December, and one of those “acts” saw the entire class stationed at three local businesses in Caledonia where they shared a mini candy cane on a message about RACK ( Random Acts of Christmas Kindness). For that, they were rewarded by a number of people they were sharing with, and that included a monetary donation which they donated to the orphanage fund, rather than buy a class treat for themselves.

I couldn’t have been more proud of our students, their plans to raise funds and the response they received from others here.

Carol Kloostra

This donation was used to provide ongoing daily support for the program – see picture below

Donald Wilson S.S. – under the leadership of Jenn Matthews – donated $200.00 which went toward two days of support for the program.

St. John Paul II grade 8 students donated $465.00.  This money was being used to provide a high school scholarship for one student in the name of Gail Kay who was the mother of one of the teachers in the school and  just passed on.


This donation was put toward educational costs


Lynne and Leanne Wilson provided a donation to purchase 4 blankets, 4 chickens, and 2 school uniforms

Jason Wiggins donated funds to buy tool sets for two families.

I received this email from Bennett.

This is Bennett Duncan, Joyce’s son. I heard about the orphanage that you have founded, and it really struck a chord with me. I am donating $104 to your charity. I hope that it goes to a good cause and that it helps. My dad will be sending it by e-transfer.

Bennett’s donation was used for a day of support – see picture below.

Susan Roberts donated $200.00 in honor of the birthday of her children Christie and Andrew.  This was used for two days of support – see picture below.

John Stewart donated $200 which provided two days of support – see picture below.

Lauren and Noa at the end of a presentation gave $15.00.

Justina Courtney donated $50.00

Harry and Merilyn Rome $150.00 to buy goats and chickens

Days of Support




























Thank you Signs








Debbie and Amanda provided funds used for school supplies


















Ruth holding a tea towel sent to her that was hand embroidered by students at St. Mildred Lightborne to raise funds for our program

Educational Sponsors

Our children have continued to qualify for high levels of high school and post-secondary education.  The costs of tuition generally exceed the levels of sponsorship so we have been enlisting additional donations and recruiting educational sponsors to become involved with specific children to cover these costs.

We welcome new educational sponsors this month.

Susan and Doug  Roberts are partnering with Jessica and Chris Patrick to provide for the ongoing costs of Wanza who was just admitted to Mbooni Girls School – a National School.

Cliff Hall donated $400 to provide tuition for Jackson – the child supported by his family.

Geri and Don $200.00 which will be used for education costs

Steve and Rosie Hilb  donated $300 for Sarah’s ongoing educational needs.  Sarah  is one of our first two students in university.  In addition they donated funds to purchase a computer for Sarah. And along with Lou-Ann  they are also providing ongoing educational support for Sarah as she continues her university education.






One of our sponsors Melanie paid for these young lady’s high school tuitions!


Occasionally we have a sponsor who is unable to continue their commitment.  We are grateful for the involvement of Audrey Hamilton and wish her well in the future.  Her sponsored child has also experienced a life change and is living with new caretakers in Nairobi.  We will be introducing our two new sponsors,  Katie and Sharon, to another child requiring support and will therefore once again be at our capped  number limit of sponsors.


Lorna wearing birthday presents from her sponsors Sue and Brian.


Presents for Kanini Beth from her sponsors Marion and David.

December 2014 Update

Welcome to our December update.  December is one of our busiest, and happiest, months.  This is a combination of the culmination of fundraising activities by some schools for the first part of the school year, and the Christmas celebrations.  Writing this update I was greeted by so many happy, smiling faces as children received their Christmas presents or sent their greetings to their sponsor.

The community distribution day – this year on December 20 – includes not just the usual items (food, uniforms, tools, goats, chickens) but also specific presents for children and their extended families from their sponsors and presents for each child in the orphanage.  Often these presents involve clothes, school supplies and additional quantities of food or special items.

Originally our plans had been to be in Kikima for this celebration but we were not able to attend this year.  Hopefully another year I can be part of this amazing celebration.  As it now stands we are tentatively planning for another summer trip.

Schools donations

Glendale P.S. in Brampton, under the leadership of Melanie – who is also a sponsor of two children – raised $334.90.  They have asked that this money be used specifically for education.

On a side-note, Melanie and her son, Skylar, visited Kikima last summer to meet their sponsored children and stay at the orphanage.  Melanie has now undertaken to provide funding for other members of the extended families of her children.  She is a remarkably caring and compassionate person who is so dedicated to the children of Kikima.

Immaculata Catholic High School in Ottawa, under the direction of Darlene Charron, Teacher-librarian, and her White Pine Book Club students, raised $702.69.  This was raised primarily through the sales of popcorn!  We love popcorn!

St. Mark High School in Ottawa raised $150.00

Our Lady of Wisdom in Ottawa donated $50.00

St. Joan of Arc donated $954.63 under the direction of Rosa Tarulli through a program called Taste of Joan!

College Heights Secondary in Prince George raised $315.00 as noted in the letter below.


Brett Walker’s grade 10 class at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Ottawa raised $100.00.  As well his son, Phoenix donated $25.00 to buy 2 chickens.

Advance Memorial United Methodist Church – under the leadership of Tonya Evans – Flatwoods, Kentucky, raised $75.00 for a goat and set of tools.

St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School donated $250.50 to be used for education costs for our high school and post-secondary students.

Esten Park P.S. – $100 for a day of support of Rolling Hills Residence.


Individuals Support

Pauline Brunet donated money to pay for two days of support of The Rolling Hills Residence

Marina Cohen made a donation to be put toward education costs.

Diane Middlemiss made a donation to pay for one day of support for The Rolling Hills Residence.

Barb Kettle – one of our long term dedicated supporters – sold $225.00 worth of Grannie Bags at local craft sales.

Julia made a donation of $26.00

At the end of a presentation a student, Dan, pulled $2.00 from his pocket.  Those donations always inspire me!

Lee-Anne made a personal donation that supported the Rolling Hills Residence for one day.

Randy and Catherine Palach made a donation for goats in honor of their children Randy, Maria and Evelyn

Wendy and Larry Leigh made a donation to support the Rolling Hills Residence for one day.

Marc Stevens made a large donation to be used for education.

Linda and Robert Ford made a generous donation.

Debbie and Amanda donated funds to be used for assorted items.

Elaine Deramo donated to provide a day of support for Rolling Hills Residence

Sally Briggs made a donation to be used for education.

Ashley Polovniak made a generous donation in honor of Wes to be used for education.

Karen Danderfer made a donation that will be used for education.

Jake Watson made a donation to the program.

Along with the support listed below we had our regular sponsors donate over $5000.00 to be used to buy special Christmas presents for their children and to provide for Christmas celebrations for their  for their extended families.

Days of Support

$100.00 provides support for the entire Rolling Hills Residence for one day.  This is food for 55 children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, tutor, cook, matron and patron and the utilities for the building.
























Distribution Days

Every month there is a distribution day to the orphans and extended family members in the community.  This involves food, tools, livestock, school uniforms, lanterns and additional things needed by the families.  Between our orphans and destitute children who reside in their family compounds these resources provide for around 300 children.  While most of this cost is provided through our sponsors and the support they provide for their child(ren) there is always an extra cost associated with the additional unsponsored children.  This was covered this month by St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School!


Nine times each year the distribution is done by our staff going to three or four designated meeting places in the region.  Three times a year there is a gathering on the grounds of the orphanage.  These are joyous celebrations which often have 300 – 400 people present.  A meal is served for all prior to the distribution taking place.  Christmas is one of the occasions where the gathering takes place at the orphanage.

Thank you pictures

Below are some of the thank you pictures for donations.  We work to also send by email a picture directly to the donor.




















Educational Sponsors

At the end of December – the end of the school year – we had 42 students in high school or post-secondary studies.  The new school year begins in January for most students but those entering high school in grade 9 begin their studies in February and university students later in the year.  We are estimating that we will have 50 or 51 students who will be in these programs in this coming year.

Education remains one of our priorities as well as one of our most expensive outlays of funds.  We spent a great deal of time and effort in providing additional tutoring for our students through the primary years.  This has paid off in terms of students obtaining high marks and qualifying for higher level – and more expensive schools.  The cost of these schools often far exceeds the funds that are donated by sponsors.  To compensate for this shortfall we have launched a program where individuals or schools can become the educational sponsor for a child/student.  They become a partner with the sponsor to provide for the funds necessary to care for, and educate, that child.  Always this is done with the full knowledge and agreement of the sponsor.

While we are no longer accepting sponsors we are actively engaged in trying to recruit educational sponsors.  If you, or anybody you know, would like to become an education sponsor please contact Anita Walters at  – please note the extra a after the word Anita.


Almost all of our 118 sponsors received a picture and greeting from their sponsored child.  Ruth worked incredibly hard to send these pictures and they were received either just before Christmas or on Christmas morning.  Some sponsors emailed to say it was their favourite Christmas present!  Here are a few of the pictures!






















Faith, in first year university, was greeted by a gently used computer!  As you can see by the T-shirt she proudly wears she is supported by the wonderful students of LaSalle P.S. in Windsor.


Sarah – also in first year university – shows off her computer paid for by Steve Hilb and his family.  Sarah is sponsored by Lou-Anne and family.

As we end one year, we begin another.  Our program is in solid shape thanks to the generosity of our sponsors here in Canada, The United States, Germany, England, and of course, in Kenya.  We have been able to meet our yearly expenses for the program, for ongoing projects, and have established a healthy reserve fund to provide for emergencies.

We will keep everybody up to date as we transition from our initial partners, AIM, to a new partner in the coming months.  We are so fortune that a number of other organizations have said they are willing to become our partner and we are assessing which of these will be best suited to the needs of our program, sponsors and orphans.

Great thanks to all who have supported, and continue to support our program.  We hope you have a joyous year ahead!

November 2014 Update


This is a busy time of year in our program as Christmas celebrations and distributions are being planned and grade 8 students are writing their high school entrance exams.  These exams are incredibly important and determine what level of schooling the student can apply for.  Our students have been extremely successful and some have qualified for higher levels – and more expensive – high schools.  We won’t know the results until the middle of January.  We wish them all well.

School Donation

Mckinnon P.S. in Mississauga, under the direction of Lisa donated $574.00.  Here is how they raised the money.

McKinnon School is a caring place and we are Global Citizens.  We enjoy reading Eric Walters’ books and found out 3 years ago about his charity.  This is the third year that we have raised money for the Creation of Hope.  We are proud to say that this year we raised $586!  We are so happy that this money will cover 6 days worth of healthcare, shelter, food, and care for these kids.  We raised money by making posters, doing morning announcements, and selling candy grams for Halloween.  We plan on continuing to support Creation of Hope in the years to come. 

Fairview P.S. in Mississauga remains one of our most committed schools.  This year, mostly through popcorn sales, a bake sale and a craft sale including bracelets, buttons and origami sales, they raised $2972.97.  This money is being used for days of support and to provide for our monthly distribution.

Personal Donation

Mme Pauline Brunet, Principal of Esten Park Public School made a generous donation to be put toward the educational costs of our high school students.

Ted Staunton provided a donation for a day of support and support for high school education fees.

Amanda made a donation after a presentation that paid for two blankets.

John Wilson made a donation to pay for one day of support for residence.

A donation was made by Melisa – here’s a letter from her mother to explain.

As per my conversation with Eric when he was at Nelson High School on September 26th, my daughter, Melissa, has raised $180 for your orphanage in Kenya by collecting money to donate instead of receiving presents for her 8th birthday. We hope the money helps feed, clothe, and look after the children in your orphanage’s care. We love the story of Blessing, and read it often.

Thank you so much in advance for passing on the money to where it can do the most good for our friends overseas.  Please let me know if/when the children post a message for Melissa that I can share with her and her friends.  They were touched by the needs of children, like Blessing, and would love to see the impact they’ve made a world away.

Kind regards,

Heather Michlik

Corporate Support

Penguin Random House is donating $1.30 from every book sold in a bookstore in Canada to our program.  Indigo/Chapters has championed the book and has spotlighted it throughout their stores in Canada!  I’ve made a commitment that any store or individual that sells 77 books will be given credit for supporting our program for one day.  Below, in the days of support section, is a picture of the first person who has done this! Great thanks to both these businesses for their most generous support of our program.

Aviation and General Security Consultants (AGSC)

This company was introduced to Hope Development centre, the Creation of Hope project, by the son of Ruth and Henry, Danson Kioko when he worked there in 2010. The company decided to make three visits a year to the program to share time with the children. The project has become a part of AGSC and more information is available at the website:

We thank them for their ongoing support.

Days of Support

$100.00 provides support for the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day – that’s food for 55 children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of all the on the ground staff running the residence, the electricity, sanitation and water for the building.







There are also more days sponsored and supported by Fairview school this month that will be shown in the December update.

Monthly Food distribution

Each month we distribute approximately 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and disadvantaged children in our program who reside with relatives.  These costs are mostly covered by our sponsors but each month there is a deficit and this is covered by additional support.

This month Fairview provided that support as well as supported individual days.

Thank You Pictures


Shayne is a young man who came up to me after a presentation and gave me the money in his pocket which purchased this blanket.


Jake and Julia held a garage sale – selling off their toys to provide for Eric who is sponsored by their family.


A Christmas donation was made by  Jaime and Matt to honour some of their family members.  Great thanks.



Sharon is one of our sponsors who always makes additional donations during the Christmas period as presents for friends and family.



Throughout this month our sponsors have made additional donations to provide for their sponsored child and extended family members as a way to help them celebrate Christmas.  This money is used to provide specific items for the children – including clothing, toys, books – as well as items for the extended family that might include goats, blankets, and lanterns.  Our staff on the ground is very receptive to helping the child and extended family in the best way possible.

The children and their family members will celebrate Christmas at the Rolling Hills Residence on December 20. Their lives have been deeply enriched because of the support of so many wonderful donors who have given to Creation of Hope.  We wish you all a warm and wonderful Christmas and holiday season and health and joy in the New Year.  We are blessed to have such an amazing sponsor and supporter base.  Thank you.