Creation of Hope

What Your Money Can Do

After donating, this is how your money can be used…

Donate to Fund the Entire Rolling Hills Orphanage – one day or week at a time. There are over 50 children at Rolling Hills Residence. The cost to fund the Rolling Hills Residence for 1 day is $100.00.  This provide food for the children, routine medical care, school supplies, the salaries of the matron, caretaker, cook, tutor, night watchman, and outreach worker, and the electricity, water and sanitation for the entire building!

In every case we tell the supporter which days they are the ‘parents’ of the children in the residence.

Fund the program for a week . . . or two . . . or more.  You will get back a thank you from the children indicating the exact week you supported them and a thank you picture.

Donate to Help Subsidize the Monthly Food Distribution

Each month we distribute over 2.2 metric tons of food to orphans in the community and their extended family constellations – which will include the orphan’s guardian, who is most often a grandparent, and other orphaned or impoverished siblings or cousins.  It is not unusual for one food distribution package to provide food for six or seven other children.

This distribution helps to feed over 300 children in the community.  In addition they receive goats and chickens, blankets and mattresses, school supplies, text books and school fees, solar lanterns and tool sets.

While the majority of the funds for the distribution are provided through our sponsors there is always a monthly financial shortfall which ranges from $200 and $400 per month.  This shortfall is a result of inflationary costs, special circumstances or expenses, and trying to provide for needy children in the extended family constellations.  Often donations are put toward this shortfall and then credit is given to the specific contributor.

Donate a Blanket – $8.00

Kikima is at the top of a mountain. Nights, particularly in the winter months, are very cold.  Houses are not heated.   A blanket can make the difference between being cold or warm, healthy or sick, able to sleep or being awake shaking throughout the night.

Donate a Chicken – $10.00

A chicken can easily improve the life of a family.  It produces eggs which can be eaten and chicks. These chicks eventually are eaten or sold as a source of income.


Donate a School Uniform – $16.00

While elementary education (Grade 1 – 8) is technically ‘free’ a student must provide certain school supplies, pay some fees and have a uniform.  The cost of a uniform is simply too expensive to purchase for the guardians and families of some children. We have provided over 300 children with uniforms.  These uniforms are made by local seamstresses and with Kenyan grown fibres.


Donate a Set of Farm Tools for a Family – $25.00

This includes a shovel, hoe, machete and claw.  With these four tools a family is able to cultivate their land and grow food.  If a tool breaks the owner returns the pieces and we happily replace it. Donating farm tools promotes self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Donate a Goat – $50.00

These hardy goats can live on the poorest of land eating anything that grows.  They produce milk, offspring and ultimately meat for the family. In some cases we have even bought back the offspring to give to other orphans,  there-by producing a source of income. A goat can help change a life.

Donate a Solar Light – $45.00

Children often leave for school prior to the sun rising and by the time they return home and have finished their chores they are once again in darkness.  One of the most common requests and coveted gifts is the present of light.  A lamp provides light for all – allowing parents to cook and clean, and repair tools while the children complete their homework.  A lamp lights the way to the future for these children.

With electricity mostly limited to the towns and expensive to bring to homesteads most are without power.  Instead they most often rely on kerosene lamps for light.  These are expensive to maintain and the fumes are noxious and unpleasant.  A solar lamp provides ongoing, renewable, free, pollution-free light.  In addition there is an outlet to power cell phones.  Neighbors’ phones can be charged and generate a few additional shillings for the orphan and extended family.

Donate a Sapling – .25

Deforestation remains a concern throughout Kenya as trees are cut to provide fuel for fires, for building materials and for furniture and general building.  We have planted over five thousand saplings – divided between fruit, shade and hardwood trees that will eventually be harvested and used for building.

Donate for the Yearly Cost of Education for a high school student (includes tuition, room and board, school uniform, text books and tests) – ranges from $150 to $700, depending on the academic level of the student. Presently we are supporting over 40 young Kenyans who are in high school or a training program.  We are helping them develop their skills and abilities to become capable, self-sufficient adults.  Of note, many of our students regularly take the top place in their class, grade and even the entire school!

The first year – Form 1 (Grade 9) – is particularly expensive since each student must come to school with a ‘kit’ that includes blankets, mattress, wash basin, text books, school supplies, and new uniform.

While the majority of the children in high school have a sponsor we have more than a dozen children who were identified as needy orphans/impoverished children in the community who have academic potential but could not afford school fees.  These children are supported by donations from individuals and schools to allow them to continue their education.