Creation of Hope


Where the Children Live: As of January 1st 2014 the project serves 117 sponsored children. All sponsored children are orphans, without a mother or father.  If there is an extended family member who can provide care within their own homestead, Creation of Hope prefers that the child remain within their family while being assisted by the program. Where this is not possible the child is admitted to The Rolling Hills Residence.  When they qualify for high school, children in both groups are enrolled in school which is most often in a residential setting.

How Sponsorship Works: Sponsors pay between $35 and $65 per month – the amount decided by the sponsor.  Regardless of the amount being provided, the child receives the same support from our program. We ask for a minimum of a one year commitment from sponsors, although it is in the best interests of the child that this develops into a long term sponsorship as we work consistently to develop a relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored child.

You will be provided with a picture, the background story of the child and his or her situation and we ask for a picture of the sponsor to be forwarded to the child.

Educational Sponsors: In January – the start of the school year in Kenya – we will have 21 new students entering high school.  Our orphans have continued to excel at school and have qualified for higher level – and more expensive – high school and university settings.  The cost of tuition alone is often more than the regular contributions by the sponsor.  With the knowledge of our sponsors we have been ‘pairing’ a regular sponsor with an educational sponsor.  At present we are actively seeking new educational sponsors to help our children reach their potential through ongoing education.  If you’re interested in becoming part of this partnership please contact Anita Walters at



Our goal is for correspondence from the child to the sponsor to take place on a regular basis.  Our intention is to build and maintain a genuine connection between the sponsor here and the child in Kenya.  Many of our sponsors have had the opportunity to meet their sponsored child.







The Creation of Hope has sponsors from Canada, the United States, Germany and Kenya. More than a dozen of our children are sponsored by Kenyans and many have established ongoing relationships with their sponsored child.

If sponsors send a parcel we try to always show a picture of the sponsored child holding every item in the parcel.



If you wish to be placed on a waiting list to become a sponsor please contact us. This information can be found in the “Contact Information” tab.

While on this list if you are interested, there are many other way to help with the Creation of Hope and make a difference to the community of Kikima. Please see the “How to Donate – What Your Money Can Do” tab.