Creation of Hope

1 November – 31 December, 2018

While individuals or schools that make a donation continue to get their thank you pictures we are not going to be posting those pictures on the website. Instead – as a trial – over the next few months we’re going to put in general information about the program – which also includes some thank you pictures.


June 11 – September 1, 2018


It’s been a very busy summer with Ruth spending time with us in Ontario.  During her two-week stay we tried to have contact with every single sponsor in the program.  This involved emails, phone calls, meetings, evening events and a full day of business meetings at Hope Story.  We had the opportunity to share with our sponsors all the updates on their sponsored child including school marks, specifics about the child, successes, challenges, and future directions.  We also talked about the 24 young people who have now graduated from college and university.  We have had great success in supporting them through school and into the work force.  We were delighted that almost all the sponsors of graduates have decided to remain involved in the program.  They are becoming education sponsors for another child, are taking on sponsorship of a new child or simply donating to general funds.

Welo Water

We have been offered the opportunity to partner with Welo water.  They make probiotic water and give a donation from each bottle sold to provide for water projects.  They have just given us a check for $5080.40 to be put toward the bore hole!  Great thanks to Stef and Jack for your ongoing generosity.  You are not just giving people water, you are giving them life!

Birthday Party!

Every year we have a celebration for all the children to celebrate birthdays.  This started originally because some of our children came into care not knowing their birthdays – they were abandoned so young that in some cases they didn’t even know the year of birth.  With no birth date they couldn’t receive a birth certificate which meant the government considered them not to exist.

Each year we secure for all the new children in this situation both a date of birth and a birth certificate.


This year there were over 400 people in attendance.  This included all of the orphans, their guardians, extended family relatives including cousins, and elders of the community.


The children all receive hats, cake, and a loot bag filled with school supplies, toys and other assorted little presents.  All of the guardians and grandparents are part of the meal – imagine cooking for 400 people!


In addition, this is tied into the monthly food distribution.  The guardians go home with food supplies – up to 2.2 tons per month – as well as goats, school uniforms, tools and other assorted items to improve their lives.


This party is the basis of a book called Today is the Day.  Each time this book is purchased Tundra Books donates money for next year’s birthday party.


Holding the book – in the green sweater – is Matanu who is the character in the book.

School Donations

Parkland E.S. made a generous donation that is being put toward our new water project.  This project involves a bore hole which is being drilled down 150 meters to secure a permanent supply of water to the orphanage.

Chris Hadfield P.S. in Mississauga, under the direction of Lorin, raised $6000.00.  On June 28th Anita and I went to the school to accept the check and give personal thanks.  This money is being used in the following ways:

Days of support July 5 – 31 and August 5 – 14

Supporting both the July and August food distribution.

Three goats and ten chickens.

$500.00 toward the bore hole.

Supporting the birthday party.

Pierre Berton P.S. donated $128.75.  This money was put toward a day of support – June 26 – and for the June food distribution.

John Galt P.S. donated $106.00 to be put toward the bore hole.

We had another wonderful donation from Fairview P.S. – one of our longest supporting schools – in the amount of $631.71.

This money was designated for supporting us September 17 – 21 and the September food distribution.

Cleardale P.S. made a donation of $397.75 that was used for days of support October 5 – 7 and for the October food distribution.

Personal donations


Vanessa and Enzo, two children, saved and donated to buy two goats!


The TN Conference UMW made a donation of $300.00 U.S. which was converted to Kenyan Shillings and provide for days of support for September 27 – 30.

Steve and Rosie have given another $1000.00 which is being put toward days of support September 12 – 16 as well as for ongoing educational support for Kioko. Just a side note about Kioko. He is in grade 11 and is on his school basketball team. They won three of four tournaments and in one game he scored 64 points and had 34 rebounds.

Nicholas – who travelled to Kikima and made a documentary film about the program for Hope Story – made a donated $2075.00!  This money was used for days of support August 15 – 31 and for the August food distribution.

Mike and Janell made a donation which supported the program June 21 and 22.

Timi Febo made a donation which was used to support our June food distribution.

Harold and Elizabeth provided supporting for our residence for June 23 and 24.

Thank you Mrs. Cohen for supporting our education.

Thank you Ms. Kate Devine for supporting our education.

Thank you Amazing BRPS Grade 7/8 Students for supporting our education – From Ms. Rich.

Laura made a donation which supported the program for June 25.

Margot and Peter and their company – who have been incredible donors supporting 4 days a month – just gave an additional $500.00 which is going to be used for the bore hole.

Barb Ross gave a donation to be used for the birthday party.  As well Emmanuel Baptist Church in Nova Scotia donated $250.00.

Robert and Yolanda made a donation that is being put toward two days of support – September 5 and 6.

Thank you signs


Food Distribution

Each month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children in the region.  Some of this is funded by our ongoing sponsors but we use additional donations to provide food for impoverished children who are not sponsored.


Days of Support        

A donation of $100.00 provides food for all 63 children in residence, the salaries of all the staff and the utilities for the building.



We have had over 100 visitors including many sponsors who travel to Kenya and meet their sponsored children.  We also encourage them to write letters – or emails – which we print and pass on.  While we have a gigantic birthday party for all our children we also have sponsors who send something special.  We try to get the sponsor a picture of the item in the hands of their child.


Connor visiting his sponsored child. They have met a number of times before.  If you are reading this update it’s because of Connor – he takes care of formatting and uploading it each month!


We have many of our orphans sponsored by Kenyans.  Wambua and his wife and friends  sponsor all of these children. What a great role model. What a caring couple!


Grace is the grandmother of Baraka.  Grace is also my ‘sister’.  Anita and I  always provide additional support for her.  Here she is receiving a card and support that we asked be passed on to her.


This very special young lady is Mary.  We have sponsored her for the last 10 years.  She is now graduated from college and has been offered employment by her last school attachment.  It is so gratifying to be a part of her success.

Mary was one of 24 of our students who graduated from college or university in the last 6 months.

March – June 10 2018

School donations

Kioko Mutinda, the patron of our program, visited Ontario for two weeks at the end of April.  He travelled and presented at schools, met with staff at Hope Story and also met with sponsors in the Guelph area.  It was a whirlwind and very successful visit.

Kioko came with me to visit North Bay when I presented at West Ferris.  Under the direction of their teacher, Trisha Bradford, class 7A collected funds – along with Trisha’s family members.  They are asking that the $251.70 be directed in the following ways: A day of support – June 27 – two goats, 4 chickens, and to support the June food distribution.  The thank you signs are being sent.

West Ferris Secondary School had also made a donation previously that provided for two days of support – April 21 and 22 – and also contributed to the April food distribution.

We had wonderful donations from two students, Tariq and Johnny which were used to support our May food distribution. At the same school a teacher, Mike, made a donation that was also put toward the May food distribution.

St. Luke made a donation for 2 goats

Glendale P.S. made a donation of $673.60 which went for 6 days of support (April 25 – 30) and the April food distribution.

W.J. Fricker School made a donation that provides for support of the residence for April 23 and 24.

West Oaks School, under the direction of Rebecca made a donation that provided support for the residence on April 16 and for the April food distribution day.

St. Nicholas C.S. under the direction of Liz made a donation of $485.50.  This was used for days of support – April 17 to 20 – and for the April food distribution day.

Liz also made a donation for 2 goats.

Holy Family made a donation that supported the residence from May 11 to May 16 and for the May food distribution.

Ms. Wagner-Chazalon’s class raised funds for two goats.

Orchard Park P.S. raised money that went to support the residence on March 19 – 21 and also for the March food distribution.

Personal donations

Margot and Peter and their company, M.E. Industrial Sheet Metal, previously made a donation that provided for 2 days of support each month for the residence for a one-year period.  This year these wonderful people have doubled that donation.  Each month for a year, four days of support will be provided by their latest donation.  We so appreciate their care and generosity  Here are the first days of support:
Thank you Margot and Peter for supporting us June 7 and 8

Thank you M E Industrial Sheet Metal for supporting us June 9 and 10

Thank you Margot and Peter for supporting us July 1 and 2

Thank you M E Industrial Sheet Metal for supporting us July 3 and 4

Alessandra donated $50.00 to be used for the May food distribution

Sal made a wonderful donation of $25.00 to our orphans.  This money was used for the May food distribution.

JoAnne made a donation for a goat as a birthday present.

We had a wonderful donation from a young man in B.C. named Daniel who raised money through the Candy Art Group.   The $12.00 be was put toward our food distribution in April.

Corporate Donation

We just had a wonderful donation from Penguin/Random House for Walking Home for $2299.45.  This money was put toward days of support – May 17 to May 30 and June 1 to June 6 as well as the May food distribution day.

Thank you Signs

We had donations made that were designated for a very specific purpose.  Here are some of those thank you signs – all signs are sent directly to the person who made the donation.


Food Distribution

Every month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children in the community.  This is payed for by ongoing sponsorship of children as well as specific donations.


Days of Support

The entire residence is supported for $100.00 per day.  This provides food for all 59 children, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, driver, cook, matron and caretaker and the utilities for the building.



We have sponsors who have a connection to, and provide funding for, a specific orphan.  These sponsors are in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Kenya.  As our original children are moving through high school, university, college and graduating we have begun taking on a younger generation of orphans.  Hope Story is taking direct responsibility for these new children.