Creation of Hope

March-April 2017

March/April 2017 Update

School Donations

Ecole Secondaire Catholique Saint-Frere-Andre raised $520.00 which is being used to help fund the May food distribution and days of supporting for May 5 – 9.  Thank you Marc for organizing my time at your school

Claremont P.S. raised $173.50 which is being used to help fund the May food distribution and supporting the residence on May 3.

Tosorontio Central School raised $376.50 by hosting an Easter bake sale.  The funds are being used for a variety of things including chickens, goats, and school uniforms.  Great thanks to Jessica for her leadership.

The students at Robert Bateman High School raised $850.  They organized a Culture Fusion Festival and the proceeds will be donated to your organization.  This was used for 8 days of support – April 7 to 14 – and to help fund the April food distribution.

River Heights School donated $500.00 that was used for five days of support – April 15 to 19th.

Ms. Murphy-Smith’s class at Glenview P.S. raised money to purchase goats, support the March food distribution and to provide days of support on March 8 and 9.

Mrs. Cheema and Ingleborough Public School class 6E2 donated $45.00 that was put toward our April food distribution.

Individual Donations
Patrick made a donation to purchase a blanket.

Gurshaan made a donation of $4.00 which was put toward the April food distribution.

Carrie made a donation for one day of support – May 4th.

A student at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Bruno made a donation of $8.00 which was put toward the April food distribution.

Marot and Peter have made a donation that will support the residence for one day every month for a year!

In addition their company, M.E. Industrial Sheet Metal Ltd is also supporting the residence for one day a month for a year!

So every 1st and 2nd day of every month our orphans are cared for by these amazing people!

Charlie, a student at Coldstream Elementary school made a donation that was put toward the March food distribution.

Two students at BX Elementary School – Nathan and Kate – made donations that were placed toward the March food distribution.

We received an incredibly generous donation from Annette which provided for five days of support – March 15 to 19.

Bennett – a young man who was in a presentation of mine over a year ago – just made another donation for a day of support.  March 22 he is the ‘parent’ of our orphanage.

Three students, Charlotte, Indiana and Ronin made donations that were put toward the April food distribution.

Thank you Signs





Food Distribution

Each month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children of the region.  While most of this is funded through our regular sponsors we always have a short fall in funds because we also give out to others who are not sponsored.  If we receive more donations we give out more!



Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for our residence for 1 day.  This is food for all the children, the salaries of the driver, the night watchman, matron, caretaker, tutor and cook, as well as the electricity, sanitation and water for the entire building.




Below are a series of thank you signs from our children for their sponsors and educational sponsors.  These are some of many that have all been sent off to the people who are changing their lives!



From Christine and Emily


From Rod



January-February 2017

January/February 2017 Update


Christmas Gathering

Christmas is when all of the children – even those far away in school – come back home.  It is a joyous celebration.  They receive Christmas presents, write letters to sponsors, meet their friends who they might not have seen for months, and report on their successes in the school year that has just ended.  With over 70 students in high school/university/college/trade schools this is a major celebration.

Mary and Kitto returning from college and university.

In addition many of our new children were part of the celebration for the first time.  These are four of our pre-school children who are the ‘next generation’ of children being served by the program.  After having been at capacity for a number of years we have once again begun providing for new children in need of service.

The decisions about who will receive service and what service will be provided always remains with our staff and committee.

This committee is broad based from across the region and includes ministers, activists, and elders.  My wife and I are the only two external members of this committee and take part in meetings when we are in Kenya.

We believe that one of the prime factors that has led to the success of our program is the wide spread local financial support that is provided by the community.  This support is based upon the reality that this program is run by Kenyans for Kenyans.

School Donations
We had a wonderful donation from Al-Hijra Academy for $1362.00!  This money is to be used for water projects.


This thank you sign is an acknowledgement of the support from Al Hijra while a specific water project is being researched and arranged.

Immaculata High School in Ottawa donated $474.87 which is being put toward 4 days of support (February 24 – 27) and to support the February food distribution.

St. Jean de Brebeuf donated $150.00 – which is being used for a day of support and the February food distribution.

This donation from Maple Ridge School was used for three days of support and the January food distribution.  Great thanks to Ms. Andrews and students.

Thank you Ms. Rich’s Grade 8 class for supporting our January Food Distribution.


Individual Donations

My next door neighbor Selby who is 8 gave a donation of $20.00.  This is being put toward three new blankets for orphans.

Chris has made a wonderful donation to our program of $400.00.  This donation is in honour of her son who passed on seven years ago.  These funds, in honour of Dave, are supporting the program from February 28 to March 3.

Mackenzie and Paige donated $21.60 which is being used for the February food distribution.

Raphael, a student at a presentation at UMS gave $22.00.  This money was used for the February food distribution

Andrea, a parent who attended a presentation donated money for a day of support – March 7 – to be dedicated to A Mother’s Love.

Kate, a student donated $50.00 which is being put toward the March food distribution.

We received wonderful donations from Leah’s birthday party.  These donations totalled $325.00. These funds are supporting the residence for February 28 – March 2 as well as the February food distribution.

We had a wonderful donation from Santiago at Julianne’s school.  This donation of $9.60 was used for the February food distribution.

We had a donation of $200.00 to be put toward education from a sponsor who wished to remain anonymous.

We had a $30 donation to Creation of Hope in memory of Betty Clark

Students from Deer Park public school – Micah $5.00,

Victoria’s birthday party $49.00

Victoria and Ava $20.00

Students at Maple Ridge Prince $5.00, Jacob $8.00, Eric $5.00

Nicole and her mother Lynne passed on a donation from Nicole’s grandparents for 4 days of support

Allan and Jennifer made a donation that totalled 20 days of support!

Scott and Filipa donated $20.00



Food Distribution


Days of Support



When presents are sent we try to provide a personal thank you sign.  Here’s Eric holding up a sign for Kelly and her family.


Our sponsors and their children exchange letters on a regular basis.  I want to share a couple of passages from letters that just came back.


In a second the young lady wrote ‘when I am praying I don’t forget to whisper your name in my prayer’.

New Sponsors – New generation of support!




Second generation sponsorship

Kate has been a sponsor in our program almost from the beginning.  She has also been a volunteer in the program living on the grounds of the orphanage for two months and was part of the Walking Home project where we walked 200 km across Kenya.  Her originally sponsored child, Nicholas, has graduated from college and is qualified as an electrician.  He is presently working at a hardware store.  Kate is now the sponsor of young boy!  Great thanks to Kate for not only being there at the beginning but continuing to be there!

November 21 – December 31 2016 Update


We are nearing the end of another wonderful year. Highlights include:

  • We have increased the number of orphans we are providing for with younger children entering the program.
  • Some of our oldest children are now graduating from college and university
  • One of those young people – Faith – has graduated from teachers college and will be joining the staff of Creation of Hope. Ultimately we are hoping that our graduates will come back to help run or support the program.
  • We have increased the number of Kenyan sponsors, supporters, and donors including a new group of ten new children being sponsored.
  • We have received funding to create a workshop for our grandmothers. They will be trained to make crafts. They will be paid a living wage – well above what they were earning – and extra profits will be used to support the program.
  • We had a very successful banquet which raised funds for the program.
  • We received more donations than in any previous year and we now have a larger ‘cushion’ of funds available.
  • The documentary film has helped to generate attention and to raise additional funds.

We thank Kids Alive for their partnership in supporting the project and accomplishing these activities.

Christmas party

Every year we have a combination Christmas celebration and food distribution gathering. The children/young people receive Christmas presents either sent by or paid for by their sponsors. A large meal is served to all. Additional presents are given to other children within their homesteads. In addition the food distribution takes place and arrangements are made for the children to spend time over the holidays with their extended families (where those situations are possible). This gathering is for over 300 people and along with food distribution, livestock, tools, uniforms, and the Christmas presents which include clothing, school supplies, books and some small gift items, go home with the orphans. This gathering is one of the highlights of the year.

1 2 3

We also take this opportunity to take greeting pictures to be sent to each sponsor. Below are two examples of the pictures which are being sent.

4 5

Here are Boniface, the principal character in the book Hope Springs, and Eric.

This gathering also marks the year end break for elementary and high school students in Kenya. Each student will be starting in a new grade in the coming year including our five new students entering high school. We will soon be assigning specific educational sponsors to these children where needed.

While college students may start their school at different times in the year, the university year is the same as our school year running from September – May.

Penguin/Random House

The kind people at Penguin/Random House and Tundra have been supporting our program in many ways. The donations from Walking Home – $1.30 per book – are mainly used for high school and post-secondary education. Here are some of the recipients of their generosity.

6 7

Craft Sales

Our good friend – and sponsor – Barb Kettle continues to sell crafts made by our grannies. She raised an additional $350.

School donations

Hillside in Mississauga made a donation which supported our program on December 27, 28, 29, 30. Lisa Rumble is an educational sponsor in our program who organized this fundraising activity at her school.

Ardis Ann Middle School in Arkansas raised money to provide for both a contribution to our December food distribution but to support the program December 17, 18 and 19. Great thanks to Jill and the students.

St. Mark High School in Ottawa made a donation to support the program on December 9, 10, and 11th. Great thanks to Janice for organizing this.

Individual Donations

Mary made a donation to support the orphanage for 3 days – December 12, 13, and 14 – and this is dedicated to Sarah, Nick, Tom and Treah.

Josh made a donation that is being used to operate the orphanage for 1 day, and to purchase a chicken, a blanket, a solar light and tree saplings.

Rebekah made a donation of $206.00 which is being used for two days of support for January.

Jaime made a donation which is being used to support our Christmas efforts and is dedicated to her son Weston – you can see the thank you sign below. Jaime has also been a long term supporter through her efforts at McKinnon P.S.

Dr. Bentley is a generous ongoing educational supporter of our program. The staff of her office have come together to raise money for goats. You can see all of the goats – and grateful orphans – in the thank you section below.

Marilyn made a donation which supported our entire program for December 31 and January 1, 2, and 3 and for the January food distribution.

Wendy and Larry donated funds for a day of support – January 6

Thank you Signs

While all the thank you signs were sent to the donor I have not put all of them in this update. We were so blessed with so many donations that I simply couldn’t put them all in – this is a first! Great thanks to all.

8 49a 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36b 36 35 34 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9

Food distribution

Every month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and impoverished children who live in the community. This is partly funded by our sponsors but additional donations allow us not only to provide for non-sponsored children in the family compounds as well but to help make up for the food distribution deficit we run every month.


50 56 55a 55 54 53 52 51 50a

Days of Support

The entire Rolling Hills Residence can be supported with a donation of $100.00. This provides food for all the children, the salaries of the residence staff and the utilities for the building. Here are the ‘parents’ of our program.

57 63b 63 62 61 60 59 58

You’ll notice there are two pictures – for the same supporter – for December 16. We temporarily ‘lost’ the picture in transmitting it to our donor so took a second one . . . and then found the first one!

64 71 70 69 68 67 66 65


Our generous sponsors often send birthday presents over to their sponsored child. We try to make sure we can send them a picture of the child holding the items.

72 75 74 73

Thank you for reading our update – and for all of the generous people who make contributions that keep the program running and these children moving forward on their life journey. We wish you all a wonderful start to the new year!

October/November 2016 Update

October 1 – November 20 Update


New Additions!

We have ten new orphans who are being sponsored in Kenya by Kenyans.  This wonderful situation was initiated by the equally wonderful Wambua who lives in Nairobi. Wambua is a successful Kenyan IT Professional who is a nephew of Ruth.  He has brought together other kind, caring and like-minded Kenyans who are pooling their resources to provide for these children. This is another example of one of the great strengths of our program – Kenyans for Kenyans!


On October 28th we hosted an evening event for Creation of Hope and Kids Alive.  There were over two hundred people in attendance.  They enjoyed a Kenyan meal (which Kay said was like a taste of Kenya for her), there was a silent auction, a Kenyan market and we screened a new documentary about our program.  The link to this documentary is below.

The theme of the evening was ‘Sustain the Journey’ and we were trying to raise funds to help provide for those of our orphans moving through the school system.  We have made a commitment to them that we will support them at the highest level they qualify and to the completion of their education – regardless of age.  It is our hope that each will finish with a university or college degree or a trade.



The night was an incredible success in raising immediate funds – over $20,000 – and it establishing new sponsors who will help to pay the tuition of those 5 students entering high school in January.

Penguin Random House Donation

We receive a donation to the orphanage of $1.30 from Penguin Random House for each copy of Walking Home sold and an additional donation from each copy of Today is the Day.  Over the six month period from January to June of this year that resulted in a donation of $7,809.89!

2 3

Great thanks to all the wonderful people at Penguin Random House.  These funds are going to be used for days of support, computers for our students going off to university in the coming year and tuition fees for high school and post-secondary students – we will soon have over 70 students in these settings.  Educational costs (tuition, books, transportation, school supplies) make up the largest item in our whole yearly budget.

School Donations

Michael Cranny E.S. made an incredible donation of $500.00.  This is being used to support the Rolling Hills Residence from December 4 – 8.  Great thanks!

I was just in a wonderful school in Arkansas called Midland High School.  At the end of the presentation a whole bunch of students – many of them on the football team – came up and donated money! This was $125.00 U.S. which is $169.00 Canadian.  This money was used for a day of support and the remaining $69.00 to supplement the November food distribution.

Below in the Days of support section you’ll see all of those students’ names in the thank you signs.

Arkansas students were certainly generous.  The students of Old High Middle School held a hat day and raised funds that provided for 2 days of support – December 2 and 3 – and a contribution to the December food distribution.  Thank you Carie for arranging all of this.

One of the longest donating, most generous schools in the history of our program is Fairview Public School in Mississauga.  They have again made a generous donation of $529.51.  Thank you signs to designate how we have spent the money will soon be sent.

Centennial Hylands in Shelburne made a donation of $300 to be used for goats.  The thank you signs for these six goats will be in the next update (I’ve already seen some of the pictures of the children and goats!)
Tall Pines School made a donation of $1000.00!  This was used for days of support from November 13 – 22.  Great thanks!


Individual Donations

Natalie has made a wonderful donation of $50.00 to be used for a goat.

Marya has made a donation of $200.00 which will be used in the following ways with the following thanks.

1 Goat – from Parker, Sydney, and Jordan

1 Goat – from Tilly, Hunter, and Elle

1 Chicken – from Oliver

1 Farm Tool Set – from Cole and Brock

1 Farm Tool Set – from Marya & Adam

4 Chickens – from Marya and Adam

Marya wrote – “Thank you again for your help. I’m hoping this goes over well this year. I would love to start it as a tradition each year.”


Julia and Carie donated funds that were used for both a day of support and for the November food distribution

At the end of a presentation a young girl at the Midland Public Library gave the librarian a donation of $2.00 for the orphanage.  Unfortunately she didn’t give a name and so there will be a sign denoting her contribution and this money was put toward the November food distribution.

Bonnie – who received that $2.00 donation also made a donation for a day of support which was assigned as November 29.

Nadejda made a donation which can be used for the November food distribution.

Ingrid made a donation for a day of support

A donation was made to purchase a goat for in the names of Alekasandar & Sarah
Paula has made a wonderful donation of $100.00 to fund a day of support for our orphanage!
Lisa made a wonderful donation of $50.00 for a goat.

Elizabeth made another donation from money she earned working for her grandmother!  This was used to purchase another blanket.

Thank you Signs

4 5 6 7


Food distribution

Every month we give out food, goats, chickens and other items to the orphans and impoverished children in the community.  While a large part of this expense is covered by the donations of our ongoing sponsors there is always a shortfall.  As well additional donations result in us being able to give out extra supplies.

8 9 10 11

Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides for one day of support – this is food for all the children of the residence, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, cook, tutor, matron and caretaker and the electricity, water and sanitation for the building.  Great thanks to the following supporters.

12 13 14 15 16 16b 17 18 19 20 21 22

Students from Midland High School in Arkansas made individual donations to fund this day plus money to be used for the next food distribution.


We have sponsors in Canada, The United States, Germany, England and Kenya.  We have many sponsors who send presents – and we make every effort to get them a picture of their child holding the present – as well as those who send funds.



Presents for Alex from Michelle and Mya


With Christmas approaching our sponsors have made very generous donations for Christmas presents.  These presents usually take the form of clothes, shoes, school supplies, books and some toys.  We also use addition funds to help provide presents for other children in the family components where many of them reside.  Pictures of these presents will be put into the January update.


Great thanks to all who are in involved in making the program so successful in helping the orphans of Kikima.

August/September Update


Happy Birthday!

One of the best, most amazing days of the year in Kikima happens every summer when we have our annual birthday party.  There is cake, balloons, loot bags, and a meal for all of the children and their guardians and extended family.

However the most significant ‘present’ for the new children is that we register them and they receive a birth certificate.

Many of the children who enter our program do not know their date of birth as they were abandoned so young.  Without a birth date you can’t get a birth certificate and without a birth certificate the government can pretend you don’t exist.




There is a sense of excitement, joy and gratitude that makes this a special occasion for everybody.  This party is told in my picture book Today Is The Day and every time somebody purchases the book Tundra Books makes a donation to support next year’s party.


On October 28th at 6:30 PM at Calvary Baptist Church in Guelph we will be holding an event.  It will feature a Kenyan meal, silent action, a Kenyan market, and we will be screening a documentary that has been made about our program.  The evening is entitled Sustain the Journey and we are planning on using the funds raised to support the educational costs associated with the children going onward in high school and post-secondary education.  Anybody interested in attending – or making a donation – can make contact at

School donations

Waldorf Academy in Toronto made a donation of $288.00 which was used for 3 days of support – October 18, 19 and 20.

St. John Paul II Collegiate in OkotoksAlberta held a bake sale and raised $574.25.  This money is being used for five days of support – October 21 – 25 and for the October food distribution.

Individual Donations

After a presentation at Westglen school in Alberta students came forward and made donations.  You can see many of the thank you signs below as the money has already been spent and the items given out!

Elizabeth ($5)

Tyler ($5)

William ($25)

Sadie ($5)

Leia ($20)

Brooklyn ($20)

Cavendish Youth Group made a donation to purchase 2 goats and 10 chickens.

The Botting Family – their sons are Triston and Gideon – made a donation to purchase two chickens and additional funds were used for the October food distribution.  

Zoey, who lives in Milton, had a birthday and asked her guests to make a donation to the program.  They raised $150.00 which is being used for a day of support and for the October food distribution.  Great thanks to Zoey and her mother Sarah.

Pauline Brunet made a donation, including a birthday wish for her sister that provided for two days of support.

Sydney Fernandez made a donation that was used for the October food distribution.

Norah and Herman made a donation that provided for 5 days of support.

Steve Hilb mad another generous donation that will be directed to education costs for many students.

Matthew, Adrienne and their son Selby made a donation to purchase a goat, blankets and to contribute to the food distribution day.

One of our sponsors, Brigitte Geisler, held a dinner gathering.  She asked her guests to make a donation to the education of our orphans.  We wish to offer our thanks to Brigitte and her guests, Nancy, J.A., Mary, and Tamara for helping our children along their journey.

Thank You Signs











What an incredible donation of water containers that changes the daily lives of these orphans and their children.














Food Distribution

Every month we give out up to 2.2 tons of food and supplies to the orphans and the impoverished children in the community.  We have a set amount that is provided by our sponsors but this is supplemented by additional donations to both cover our deficit and to add additional supplies to the total










It’s not just food but also beds, uniforms and tools that go out during our monthly distribution.

Days of Support

A donation of $100.00 provides food for all of the children in the residence, the salaries of the driver, night watchman, matron, caretaker and cook, as well as the electricity, sanitation and water for the building.




Letter and presents for Alex from his educational sponsors Michelle and Mya.





Anastacia is sponsored by Nick and Jack.  She has begun her college training in tourism.  She is an amazing young lady who will go far!


And just to show how far she has come – here is the first picture taken when Nick and Jack told her that they were her sponsor – that she could go back to school again and she could become anything she wanted!  That promise is being kept right now.

Hello all,

I have just received some good news.  Doureen has been accepted into JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology) one of our public Universities!!!! Doureen has been accepted into Procurement & Supply Chain Management. We have two other CoH kids there as well and hopefully they will all watch out for each other and encourage one another as they pursue this next step in their lives.

Great work team, this is truly a validation of the program as mom has stated!!!

Kind regards,



Cindy who is Gloria’s sponsor, and her friend Libby donated money to purchase a computer for Gloria to go to pro-secondary school


April Crabb purchased a cow for the grandparents of her sponsored child.  This act of kindness will go a long way to transforming the lives of this entire family.  Along with milk they will breed the cow and either keep the offspring or sell to provide money to purchase other necessities of life.

We have two new sponsors!

Henry and Brenda are sponsoring Kanini

Don and Beverly are sponsoring Philip Mutunga

New sponsors are being administrated directly by Kids Alive.

Great thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters.  This journey is only possible through your generous contributions and caring.