Creation of Hope

Video Clips


The video above shows a fundraiser done by University of Guelph students to raise money for the Creation of Hope. University students gave what they could, and it shows that every little donation – no matter how small – is helpful. The video also highlights the “granny bag” program.

This is a Ted X talk by Eric Walters, the founder of Creation of Hope. The talk highlights his career and life path which eventually led to the creation of this NGO. It highlights matters and issues of sustainability, transparency and development.

A video taken in 2012 showing the children at the Creation of Hope singing “happy birthday to me”. Once a year we gather together to celebrate these children’s birthdays to let them know how special they are to us… yes we celebrate them all on one day! Why you ask? In Kenya many orphaned children do not know their date of birth, or even the year in which they are born. Lacking such knowledge, it is almost impossible to gain a birth certificate from the Kenyan government, thus meaning these children to not exist to the government. One of our goals is to make sure that these orphans receive birth certificates so that they cannot be ignored by the state.